Helping Your Kids Get Through The First Day of School Math


Some children are naturally gifted in certain subjects in school, while some students might really struggle in areas. If your child has a difficult time with learning in school, here are some ways to help them feel more confident in going back to school.

Ask For Work Ahead of Time

For some students, processing new information can just take a little bit longer than others. This causes them to be embarrassed or feel panic when the teacher moves on too quickly in class.  A great thing I have found to help students is when their parents ask for the worksheets we will be working on ahead of time and review it the night before.

They do not necessarily teach the lesson or do the worksheet ahead of time, but it helps them to relieve some stress in seeing an unknown assignment for the first time. Parents can look over the worksheet and read some of the problems and talk about the worksheet and just let their child know that this is what they will be doing tomorrow. Just by looking at the worksheet ahead of time can really help so much, otherwise, the first day of school math can be intimidating.

Flash Cards

For those students that struggle with math and times tables, there is really nothing better than flash cards. Good old fashion repetition will help to remember those times tables. If your child is struggling with their math, they might have a negative outlook on math in general. Try to show them that they can do it by putting in the effort to help them learn. Showing them that you care can give them the confidence boost that they need, as well as the discipline to keep trying. You can make your own flash cards or buy some, you can try changing them up so that they have fun pictures on them too. Flashcards can even work for other subject areas besides math. They are great for history facts or spelling words as well.

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Assignment Planner

For some students, the main reason why they have trouble in school is simply because they do not know how to organize things. They understand and comprehend everything they learn, but then forget to do homework or lose their classwork and it never gets turned in. Help your child to be organized by getting them a planner. Ask them to make sure they write down what they did in class at the end of the day before leaving school and to write down any homework they will have. Most teachers write all this on the board and all they will have to do is copy it down. They could also have a folder specifically for homework worksheets. Help your child out by checking their planner when they get home so that if they forgot, their minds are fresh and they can write it down before they forget.

Home Spelling Tests

If parents are diligent in helping their children who struggle with spelling, they will be able to learn a lot quicker with help outside of school. This can be informal and can be random throughout the day. When you are at the dinner table and ask them to pass a food item, you can just say “and how would you spell that?” Sometimes formal tests are intimidating, but if you are practicing often and make it seem like spelling is just part of our day and what we do, they will become more confident and get the hang of spelling in no time.

Read Out Loud at Home

This can also be informal by asking your kids to read road signs out loud to you, or read food labels at the table. You can have story time before bed and can take turns reading out loud. Reading out loud and reading in your head will stimulate different parts of the brain. While reading quietly to yourself is still good, reading out loud will help bring more confidence. Let them pick out their most favorite books to help them be more motivated.

If your child is struggling in school, just know that a little extra love and motivation can go a long way. Don’t be afraid to contact their teachers to see if they have any specific advice as well. Teachers love when parents are involved and help their kids to learn outside of school.

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