Having a Side Table is Real Nice Touch to Interior


Now that my first viewing is scheduled, the interior jitters are starting to increase again. I can entertain myself for hours on Pinterest, I pretty much know every home improvement store by heart and I’ve made 10 different mood boards.

Still, it is difficult to make a selection. Sideboards, side tables, coffee tables, side tables… The space is limited and the choice is huge! In this article, I go deeper into the side table. What do you use it for? And what can you choose from?

What do you use a side table for?

When I’m at home and don’t have to work, I’d rather be lazy than tired. I gather everything I need around me and put it out in such a way that, as long as it is not strictly necessary, I don’t have to move. Fortunately, there are side tables!

As the name suggests, a side table is placed somewhere and is perfect for people like me. You can place small objects on this small, low table. For example, a cup of coffee, a glass of drink, or a plate. However, this is not the only thing a side table is used for. You can also place objects on it that you would rather not put on the ground. Such as a beautiful lamp, work of art, or a nice plant.

Side table in your interior

I have already seen so many cool side tables that I can easily fill my entire (future) living room. Different shapes, materials, and especially colors. Fortunately, I have already made a lot of mood boards to ensure that my house does not look like a circus attraction. That way I know exactly what goes well together and I don’t let myself be tempted into impulse purchases. Saves money for the wallet (and the walking space in the house).

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My dream living room is a mix of lots of plants, industrial furniture, wood, decoration and how could it be otherwise.. a little panther print. Don’t worry, just a little bit! Precisely because my taste in decoration can be a bit over the top, I want to keep my furniture as quiet as possible.

My preference is therefore for steel or wood as a material. I am crazy about rattan, sturdy wood blocks, or steel. Fortunately, side tables are available in all kinds of materials. Also, there is also a lot to choose from in terms of shape. For now, I prefer a square side table or one that is really special. Luckily I don’t have my house yet, so I can still make a lot of mood boards!

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