5 Halloween Dinner Party Must-Haves


Halloween is just as fun for adults as it is for kids. It gives us a reason to get together with our friends, enjoy treats, and participate in the most important part — dressing up as our favorite character. Hosting your own dinner party is a great way to enjoy all of the things that come with the day of celebration. Whether it’s a way to pregame before heading out for the night or as an activity to kick off the evening at home with family and friends, here are a few must-haves for some freakishly fun entertainment.

Start with a theme

Yes, it’s obvious the Halloween is supposed to be spooky so you would think that’s your theme right? Well, being more specific will make it easier on you as the host, especially if you don’t know where to start. Themes such as a “witch’s kitchen”, “mad scientist lab”, or a “corpse bride wedding” are specific themes that you can narrow down to plan your decor and even your food and drink. Once you have your theme locked in, you can browse through Pinterest to give you some direction and what you’ll need and how to set up.


Tablescaping is a fun decorative way to enjoy the food and the people gathered around the table. When hosting a dinner, the dishes, flatware, and serveware are just as important as the food. It’s what makes the meal look more appealing and appetizing. Serving dishes from Vivid Hue Home is a great place to start looking if you need some Halloween themed platters, serving trays, and even candles such as their Striped Jet Black And Pearl Taper Dinner Candles or their Lindsey Stripe Taper Dinner Candles which are both designed with blacks and oranges.

“Spooky” themed food

Because everyone has different preferences and tastes, you should have a couple of options. If you know you have vegan friends, make sure to have something for them. If you need some ideas on how to make “Monster Wraps”, “Ghostly Pizza”, “Bite-size eyeballs”, or “Pumpkin deviled eggs” an easy Google or Pinterest search will give you ideas and recipes. You can also order take out and add your own Halloween touch to the food to save you some time.


Spider webs are obviously a must. Having a table runner with pumpkins, plastic spiders, skulls, and spider webs is a quick and easy way to set a festive Halloween table to go along with your candlesticks. Other decorations that you can use: witch hats, plush black cats, cauldrons, skeleton bones, and even florals. By adding flowers to some Halloween decor, you’re adding a touch of sophistication and elegance depending on your aesthetic.

Halloween table game

Having a game to play at the table is a great icebreaker if you have a group of friends that don’t know each other. Having everyone participate in a game of Halloween movie trivia or Halloween bingo is an easy way to enjoy good eats, have great participation, and have a couple of laughs. Having a few prizes for the winner of each round is also another way to bring out some competitiveness. Small gifts, gift baskets of soaps and lotions, or a festive fall mug with a kit inside to make a cup of hot chocolate. Simple and easy gifts are budget-friendly and enjoyable for the winners.

If you love to create, Halloween is the perfect opportunity for you to let your imagination run and create a memorable and fun occasion for you and your guests. This is one of those times you can get away with anything so let those creative juices flow!

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