Your Guide to Planning Your Baby’s 1st Birthday Party

Kids enjoying birthday party

A baby’s first year is a true whirlwind of emotions, adjustments, and milestones. In those mere 12 months, that new child goes from being a tiny, helpless infant to a curious little human who is either crawling or toddling around the house. In short, it’s a special occasion, and it makes sense to celebrate! Here is a handy guide to planning your baby’s first birthday party and making it as memorable as can be.

The guest list and venue

Considering the times in which everyone is currently living, it is advisable to keep the guest list small for safety reasons. The good news is the smaller the guest list, the more affordable the event! In terms of venue, always remember to look for something that is baby, toddler, and child-friendly to reduce the risks of any accidents or injuries occurring on the day.

Include something special and photo-worthy

The ‘cake smash’ has become synonymous with first birthdays in recent years. This is when the birthday girl or boy is handed a small cake and left to touch, grab, and smash to her or his heart’s content. Many parents opt to have a photographer present to capture this adorable (and messy) experience.

If you don’t want to overload your little one with sugar or you’d rather avoid the mess, there are other options available beyond cake smashes, such as taking clay prints of your baby’s hands and feet or letting them play with non-toxic paint while crawling around on a massive piece of paper. Both ideas make for wonderful keepsakes.

Make sure the adults have a great time, too

While most first birthdays revolve around keeping toddlers and young kids entertained, it’s important not to forget about the adults in attendance. Serve up some slightly more sophisticated finger foods and consider hiring an event bartender to keep the drinks flowing amidst all the games and festivities. Rest assured that your older guests will certainly appreciate the effort!

Plan with your baby’s schedule in mind

Always plan a baby’s first birthday celebration with their naptime top of mind. You’ll want to have plenty of time during the event when your child is awake so as not to keep your guests waiting. It is a good idea to schedule the event to take place from mid-morning to early-afternoon so that the birthday boy or girl can go down for a hard-earned rest shortly after you’ve wrapped things up.

Choose a cute theme

Because your little one is probably too young to really have any true likes or dislikes of their own just yet, their first birthday theme will be entirely for you to decide. Don’t hesitate to get creative. Some parents opt to set the first birthday theme as an extension of the child’s nursery décor or perhaps a kids’ television show that is popular at the time. The latter is a great idea due to the fact that it will be endlessly easier to get hold of theme essentials, like décor, plates and cups, an adorable themed outfit for the baby, etc.

Here’s to an incredible day for all – especially the lovely little one!

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