Greatest Female Tennis Players of All Time


Women have proven themselves best of the bests in Tennis. There have been many great players for the last 4 to 5 decades. Not easy as it sounds to get the list of the favorite among the number of talented tennis star sports era has ever seen. I have managed to get a list of the greatest of all time on the basis of their record.

1) Serena Williams

Greatest Female Tennis Player of All Time
Career Titles 73
Grand Slam Singles 23
Career Prize Money $95,542,122
Serena Williams Net worth  $210 Million

2) Steffi Graf

Career Titles 107
Grand Slam Singles 22
Career Prize Money $21,891,306
Steffi Graf Net Worth $145 Million


3) Martina Navratilova

Career Titles 167
Grand Slam Singles 18
Career Prize Money $21,626,089
Martina Navratilova Net Worth $25 Million

4) Margaret Court


Career Titles 192
Grand Slam Singles 24
Career Prize Money $500,000
Margaret Court Net Worth $10 Million

5) Chris Evert

Career Titles 157
Grand Slam Singles 18
Career Prize Money $8,895,195
Chris Evert Net Worth $16 Million


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6) Monica Seles

Career Titles 53
Grand Slam Singles 9
Career Prize Money $14,891,762
Monica Seles Net Worth $20 Million

7) Billie Jean King


Career Titles 129
Grand Slam Singles 12
Career Prize Money $1,966,487
Billie Jean King Net Worth $20 Million

8) Venus Williams

Career Titles 49
Grand Slam Singles 7
Career Prize Money $41,958,284
Venus Williams Net Worth $95 Million

9) Justine Henin

Career Titles 50
Grand Slam Singles 7
Career Prize Money $20,863,335
Justine Henin Net Worth $14 Million

10) Evonne Goolagong

Career Titles 68
Grand Slam Singles 7
Career Prize Money $1,399,431
Evonne Goolagong Net Worth $5 Million



  1. There’s no perfect metric for comparing players from different eras (certainly not prize money lol) but surely the woman who has the greatest number of grandslam and career titles should be ranked #1, not #4 👍.

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