Gray Hair is a Symbol of Mature Beauty


Some see gray hair as one of the personality traits of a person, but others think of it as a lazy person who just lets it go without care until the hair turns white.

The perception of gray hair varies according to the times, but the view of gray hair varies depending on the person with gray hair. Some see gray hair as one of the personality traits of a person, but others think of it as a lazy person who just lets it go without care until the hair turns white.

White hair, which refers to white or silver hair, develops over time. Getting gray hair is a big event in life, and there are lyrics and poems that symbolize the mature beauty of having gray hair and going through maturity.

What is White Hair?

Gray hair is a bundle of gray, white, or silver hair.

Natural hair color comes from a pigment called melanin. It protects the scalp from UV rays and various invisible light. Pupils and skin color also come from melanin pigment.

Melanin pigments are made by melanocytes, which are composed of brown and black eumelanin and yellow and red. This pigment, which changes and mixes in various ways, can produce an innumerable variety of light.

When gray hair starts to appear, it means that the melanin disappears.

Why do I have gray hair?

Several studies have proven that gray hair is a genetic influence. In addition, aging is also an important factor, as gray hair begins to appear when cells in the body age.

  • Hair usually has a cycle of 3 to 6 years and then falls out.
  • When the cells of the body age and the production of melanin stops, gray hairs appear.
  • Where gray hair is lost, gray hair grows again.

There are many myths about gray hair. It is said that if you forcefully pull out one gray hair, two or three gray hairs will grow in its place. But that’s not true. Multiple strands of hair do not grow from one pore.

When your head starts counting

As the years pass and the body ages, the production of melanocytes also decreases. At first, only the hair was counted white, but it gradually spreads to the entire body hair. Of course, there are studies that claim that the whitening of body hair is also a strong genetic factor.

Let’s take a look at the following statistics.

  • White hair grows faster and more abundantly. For Asians or blacks, gray hair appears relatively late.
  • Men have more gray hair than women.
  • White hair is formed in clumps. The myth that if you pull out one gray hair, several gray hairs will appear in its place, comes from this fact.

Does white hair come up when you have a lot of anxiety?

There is no conclusive study to prove that stress can cause gray hair. However, it is clear that stress is the main cause of hair loss and that colored hair falls out first.

Gray-haired men and gray-haired women

Gray hair is a symbol of aging, so it is difficult for most people to accept the fact that gray hair starts to appear. In the West, there is a cult of youth that pushes against this natural phenomenon. No one wants wrinkles, sagging skin, magnifying glasses or gray hair.

However, reactions to gray hair vary according to gender. For men who are starting to grow gray hair, compliments such as “It’s okay,” “You look mature,” or “You are attractive” are common.

Unfortunately, the case is different for women. White-haired women are primarily looking to the judgment in the center,  he said people who do not at all interested in the lack of self-control or appearance to roughly guess.

Of course, there are people who prefer white hair as a style. However, in the West, gray hair is not the best choice for educated people.

Men do not view gray hair positively. Men who don’t like gray hair cover it up. It is not yet common and common for men to dye their hair. So, a man who has dyed his hair hides the truth or thinks hundreds of times before dyeing his hair.

Myths about gray hair

The myth about gray hair is more pervasive in our lives than in science. The myth that has been repeated over and over has now become a fact that most people are convinced of.

Let’s take a look at some typical myths about gray hair and clear up the misconceptions.

  • Doesn’t white hair fall out? no. Gray hair falls out just like normal hair.
  • Is gray hair actually white? no. What appears to be white is an optical illusion. In fact, gray hair is made up of bundles of yellowish hair. It just looks white, gray, or silver because it’s tangled with hair of a different color.
  • Does it turn white when exposed to the sun? no. The sun’s light illuminates your hair, making a few strands of hair brighter, making it appear gray. But the sun is not the cause of gray hair.
  • If I forcefully pluck out my gray hair, will my gray hair grow more? no. As I said before, one hair comes up in one pore.
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