Graduation Gifts For the Adventurer


If there’s one thing we know about graduates, they are looking forward to the summer to go on endless trips and adventures without having to worry about homework, papers, or finals. For the traveler, this means they’ll be able to explore new destinations without any interruptions and for as long as their wandering hearts desire. After a hard 2020 with flight and travel restrictions, this year is looking bright with the CDC announcing safe travels for those that are vaccinated. Even Europe is in the middle of talks of reopening for American travelers. If you have a graduate that loves adventure and travel, this is the perfect time to gift the perfect graduation gifts for the adventurer.

Hiking backpack

When you think about adventure, you think about mountains, hikes, lakes, trails, and waterfalls. A hiking backpack is a perfect gift for the loved one that can’t get enough of the outdoors. A hiking backpack is great to hold water, food, snacks, a change of clothes, sunscreen, cameras, and anything else they like to bring with them. These bags are made to last using the most durable materials and lining. A bag like this can also be used as a carry-on backpack for further destinations that require your explorer to get on a flight. When shopping for these types of bags, be sure that they are also comfortable enough to carry through even the most rugged trails.

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Outdoor wardrobe accessories

Along with a backpack, your loved ones will appreciate accessories that they need to enjoy the day. Accessories such as protective UV sunglasses and a durable hat will allow them to keep going all day comfortably. Another accessory that goes under the radar is a durable belt. Belts that can go anywhere and be worn through anything are essential. Knotless tech belts such as a Lizard Tail Belt allows the most movement since it’s made to be flexible instead of stiff. These belts resemble a rope so no buckle is needed. If you’re thinking about purchasing a belt, stay away from leather belts as they tend to not be breathable and the leather will crack with so much movement.

Personalized passport holder

If your world traveler seems to enjoy destinations outside of the U.S. then you know they can’t wait to collect those stamps on their passports. A personalized passport holder is something that they will need and find useful as they plan each trip. Personalizations such as initials, names, and quotes are just some easy ways to personalize their holder while leaving a lasting impression. Some personalizations even come with a choice of a collage of pictures so that you can put together their most memorable moments.

Travel gift cards

A lot of people hesitate to give their loved ones gift cards because they feel they may be impersonal. However, it’s way more appreciated as the receiver since they get to pick how they spend their money instead of having it chosen for them. Travel gift cards are a great way to gift them a night at a hotel or to help pay for their Airbnb. If you would like to make it personal, you can pay for a hotel that you have personally enjoyed your stay at or write a personal message inside the card.

Whether it’s something smaller such as a gift card or something much larger such as a brand new suitcase, your traveler will appreciate the thoughtfulness behind the gift and will be waiting in anticipation to use it.

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