Giving a Personalized Gift for His Birthday


Shopping for the perfect gifts for women is difficult, true, but that fact does not make shopping for the males in your life any easier. Of course, you can always opt for the staple and standard leather belt, or wallet guy-gift, but do you really want to give him a gift that he is so accustomed to receiving?  These gifts inspire a quiet yawn and elicit an equally standard response. Upon seeing your gift, he is obligated to smile politely, and give you the obligatory “Thanks, I appreciate it.”

If you want to make his day noteworthy, give him a gift that will demonstrate how much thought you have put into it. Forget safe gifts, like another tie (he probably has a lot of them), or a bottle of his favorite cologne, (didn’t you get him the same thing last Christmas?); your best bet is to purchase a personalized gift that reflects his interests and personality.

Choosing the Perfect Gift

Almost everything can be personalized today.  How do you choose which item to personalize and give as a gift? Here are a few considerations:

Your relationship with him

Is he your brother, your best friend, your husband, or your father? Defining his relationship with you can help in selecting the perfect gift. Your interaction with him can give you hints on the kinds of gifts that he would absolutely love and appreciate. Consider how he spends his leisure time. Think about conversations you have had in which he demonstrated his passions for sports, music, food, and destinations. Think about what makes him laugh, dance, and sing. Focus on the information you have acquired in spending quality time together.  The clues to gifting are contained in these activities and memories.

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Get your dad a decanter set engraved with his initials, or a monogrammed shaving kit. Gift your entrepreneur brother with a personalized leather business card case, or a docking station for his phone, and other essentials like keys and flash drives, adorned with his special “nickname”.  Surprise your nerdy best bud with an ink portrait of himself as his favorite superhero or go further and have the portrait printed on a hoodie.

The key to gifting is knowing what he likes and putting your personal touch on the gift. Adding his name, nickname, a special font of his initials, or a short message that speaks volumes about his favorite philosophy, musical stanza, or a sports phrase he loves, like in basketball – “making it rain.”

What your guy does

Is he a nurse who would love to receive the fourth pair of Crocs with decorative Jibbitz charms that spell his name? Is he a lawyer who would appreciate personalized cufflinks? Perhaps he likes to go fishing on his off days, and needs new fishing gear such as a bucket cooler, or fishing lures, that you can personalize with his photo and his name.

If he is a caffeine craver who has to practice coffee cupping, to check that the aroma is perfect? Gifting him with a large, hand-thrown mug, printed with a touching quote about his profession, or a funny saying about his java-geekiness, can demonstrate your feelings of respect, and admiration. Think about what he does every day, and his avid interests. Then use this knowledge to figure out how your gift can show that you appreciate and support him.

Giving your man a touchup paint kit can be the ideal present if they enjoy doing their own car maintenance at home. They will be able to handle little repairs themselves, and it also shows your support for their interests and hobbies. Their car’s exterior can be maintained as new and pristine by using a touch-up paint kit to hide minor dings and chips. Your partner will value this thoughtful and useful gift, especially if they take pride in the aesthetics of their car. So, as a way to show your partner how much you appreciate their enthusiasm for doing their own car maintenance, surprise them with a touch-up paint kit.

All is right with the gift card

If your man makes it clear that he doesn’t want a gift, or if he is terribly difficult to buy a gift for, likely because his interests flit from one thing to another, gift him with a gift card that he can spend any way he wishes. Take it to the next level by getting him a Visa gift card that you can personalize with his name, a very special message, or even a photo that brings back memories of happy times you have spent together.

Not all that glitters is gold

Sure, you want to make the man of your life feel really special on his birthday. But this does not mean you should spend a fortune to get him something really fancy. A well-thought-out present – even a handmade one – is a lot better than an expensive but impersonal gift.

Give him the “King for the Day” treatment:  breakfast in bed, an endless supply of his favorite cold beer, all the shows he can binge-watch, and you at his beck and call for 24 hours. Write him a song and record a music video of it. Present him with handmade coupons (with one-year validity) that free him from chores like mowing the lawn or bathing the pets. Of course, it pays to know what would really tickle your guy’s fancy.

Sentimental or practical

As mentioned earlier, avoid the staples. Women who have been married a long time, tend to give their husbands clothes, cologne, or even underwear. Husbands deserve more than the sameness of repeat gifting for every occasion. Sure, these are practical gifts, but your man celebrates his birthday only once a year. Why not surprise him with something new, trendy and filled with self-care.

Book a night (or two) at a luxury hotel for just the two of you (yay, no kids!), enroll him in a craft beer brewing class, or if the budget allows gift him with a Ferrari racing experience. Unexpected gifts – especially events and experiences – are sure to make good memories that your man will treasure.

Listen to your man; he will inadvertently drop hints about things that he would love to receive. Use these hints to get him the gift that would make his birthday really extraordinary. Remember that it’s the thought that counts; if you take the time to find the perfect gift, you will be rewarded with gratitude and appreciation.

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