3 Gift Ideas For A New Boyfriend


If you have recently started seeing someone only to learn that their birthday is fast approaching, you might be at a loss as to what to get them. You certainly don’t want to show up empty-handed on their big day, but you might not have been seeing them long enough to know what sort of gift they would truly like to get.

Moreover, if you haven’t been seeing each other for long at all, you don’t want to go overboard with an expensive gift. Instead, you need to find the right balance between thoughtful and casual. This isn’t the easiest balance to strike in most cases.

If you are at a loss for what sort of gift you should get for your new boyfriend on his special day, here are three gift ideas that are thoughtful but not too over-the-top.

1) Cologne

What is often seen as a rather generic gift for a guy that you are particularly close with can end up being the perfect gift for a new boyfriend. Cologne is a thoughtful and elegant gift that most guys can truly appreciate. If you know what his signature scent is already, go ahead and opt for a smaller bottle of that scent so as not to go overboard with spending.

If you don’t know what sort of cologne he wears or likes, it is best not to try to guess. Instead, you can get him a cologne subscription from scentmagic.com. With such a subscription, he can try out a variety of scents each month until he lands on one that he really likes. This gift gives you the opportunity to get him something thoughtful while also giving him some say in the matter. This type of gesture will really be appreciated so early on in your relationship.

2) A Box Set

One of the first things that couples generally learn about one another is what shows and movies they enjoy. If you have figured out what your new guy’s favorite show is, you can’t go wrong with a box set of that show. If he doesn’t own it already, this can be a great way to show that you have been paying attention thus far and are even open to watching the show together if it is something you haven’t seen before. Part of the gift can even be a fun date night in where you get to watch the show together.

3) A Novelty Mug

Another great gift idea that isn’t too personal or pricey is a novelty mug. He most likely has a hot beverage that he enjoys in the mornings, like coffee or tea, so giving him a fun novelty mug to drink from is a simple yet thoughtful gift. If he is a Star Wars fan, you can’t go wrong with a Baby Yoda mug. You can also opt for a more personalized option by having one printed up with a favorite quote of his. Either way, he will be thinking of you every time he enjoys his morning drink.

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