5 Fragrances to Liven up Your Home


Every home needs to smell nice. When you have friends or family around, one of the first things they’ll inevitably notice is how your home smells. It can be off-putting if your place still stinks like last night’s dinner! This article covers the five best fragrances to liven up your home.

Floral scents

Floral scents are a staple in traditional home fragrances, but with modern technology and creativity, the possibilities are almost endless. There are so many new and exciting ways to bring fragrance into your home. From warm and spicy, to fresh and sweet scents, your home can feel like a tropical getaway or a winter wonderland.

Earthy fragrances like sage and sandalwood

Earthy fragrances like sage and sandalwood work well in bathrooms and closets. They are known for their ability to purify the air and also for emitting a pleasant fragrance.

Try burning some incense or placing a reed diffuser in the corner of your bathroom. It’s sure to cover up any less-than-pleasant odors! You can even try out herby scents like thyme or cannabidiol (CBD). Try oil from Simply CBD, or consider investing in a portable spray device to spruce up a specific room quickly.

Zesty fruits

Zesty fruits like grapefruit can make any room feel more alive.

If you’re looking to wake up in the morning try using citrus fragrances. They work well for sinks and trash cans in small bathrooms because they are said to improve your mood and increase your energy levels. The great thing about this mix is that it also brings some heat with it, which will linger for a while afterward.

Fruity scents like apple and grapefruit can add warmth to any room. That might sound odd, but it’s the truth! If you have a radiator in your home that doesn’t get used much, try placing some wax cubes in a container on top and allow them to melt down and release their lovely smell.

Modern kitchens are meant to be fun and inviting. The right citrus fruit scents can help create a cheery atmosphere perfect for the whole family. Choose from sweet orange, tangy lemon, or grapefruit fragrance to brighten up your space.

Spices like ginger and cinnamon

Ginger and cinnamon are great for kitchens. Not only will they mask the smell of something that may have gone wrong with dinner, but they’ll also bring warmth to your kitchen through the spices! If you have a fireplace, it’s worth lighting some cinnamon sticks and letting them burn for a little while. Your home will smell amazing.

Calming scents like lavender

If you are looking to relax, lavender is a great choice for your home. However, too much of it will leave users feeling drowsy so this one should be used sparingly. This is perfect for bedrooms because it’s known to help you sleep faster and more deeply. Alternatively, try lavender in your main room to create a soothing and warming tone.

If you’re looking to incorporate some fragrances into your home, make sure you take a look at these five options. They all provide something different and they are guaranteed to brighten up any room.

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