6 Factors to Consider When Buying Baby Clothes

Baby clothes on a rack

If you have never bought baby clothes before, you can be somewhat puzzled when trying it for the first time. But, even though it might sound too complicated now, after studying our list of factors to consider when buying baby clothes, you will feel like an expert. So, here is what you should pay attention to:

  • the fabric the clothes are made of;
  • the size of the clothes;
  • safety of garment;
  • price of the item;
  • how comfortable the clothes are;
  • whether the garment you are about to buy is easily combinable

The fabric

The material the baby clothes are made from is the most vital factor for parents to consider. Natural materials are the most logical choice for babies since their skin is sensitive and easily irritated. That is why you should avoid polyesters and nylon by all means.

Only the materials that originate from nature are good enough for your baby. That is why organic cotton is on top of the list. It is soft on baby skin, and it absorbs sweat and moisture, leaving the skin dry. That also means that organic cotton is excellent for temperature regulation, which makes it a perfect choice for any season.

For the fabric to be categorized as organic, the manufacturers cannot use dangerous chemicals in its production. This means no chemical residue to cause rashes, which is essential for babies that are prone to allergies.

Other natural materials include linen, hemp, wool, etc. Even though they are made from natural substances, not all are comfortable for babies and suitable for every season.

Another benefit of organic clothes is that they are usually easier to maintain. Garments made of cotton can be machine-washed and dried, while those made of other materials often need to be hand-washed. You can only imagine how thrilled the new parents are about washing and how much time they have for it!

The size

Choosing the size of your baby’s clothes can be a problem. Sizes vary from one manufacturer to another, so you should always check the size chart. Even then, mistakes happen if you only pay attention to the age that is indicated. But luckily, such mistakes can be prevented if you focus on your child’s height and weight and pick the size accordingly.

More experienced parents will always advise you to get the clothes that are one size bigger than your child is wearing at the moment. That way, your baby will feel more comfortable, and it will be able to wear them longer. Also, if you use a dryer, you have probably noticed that some clothes tend to shrink after drying. Getting slightly larger items is a solution for that too.


When we think about baby safety, the first things that come to mind are car seats, cribs, baby carriers, etc., but did you know that clothes can be harmful too? Loose buttons, bows, laces, hooks, and other decorations can be dangerous, and that is why some safety standards exist. However, some manufacturers disregard them to make clothes that are more appealing to a potential buyer’s eye.

Unfortunately, accidents happen, and it is our responsibility as parents to try and prevent those that we can. So, avoid getting clothes or toys that are choking or fire hazards. Waistbands and drawstrings can be dangerous too.

Flammable materials are also to be avoided. Nowadays, you can get clothes made from chemically-treated materials that are flame-resistant.

The price

Price is not always the best indicator of product quality. This is true for baby clothes since their prices vary more than their quality does. Nowadays you can get some excellent stuff at very affordable prices. Buying in bulk is one of the money-saving tips new parents can try. Stores often give discounts when more items are bought at the same time, and since your baby will need at least several outfits in every size, you should use this opportunity.

Sales during holidays or at the end of a season can be great for your budget, and we all know that baby clothes can be expensive.

Being loyal to a certain breed can bring some benefits too. Stores offer loyalty cards that you can use to get specific discounts and special offers.

The most famous and popular brands are not always the best ones for your baby, so you should research others as well. Ask your friends for recommendations, especially if you are on a tight budget. You would be surprised to find out how many brands you have never heard of make clothes that are good for your baby and yet inexpensive.

The ultimate comfort

We understand that parents like to dress their kids up for special occasions, but the fact is that babies are cute in every outfit. What matters is that they are comfortable in their clothes all the time. Newborns spend the most significant part of the day sleeping, and when they are awake, they are either being fed or changed. They don’t really care how they look, but they tend to protest if their clothes are too tight or scratchy.

Comfortable clothes are more practical for parents too. Since they need to change diapers several times a day, their little bundles of joy are better off wearing onesies and pajamas that are stretchable and soft. Having to undo the snaps on more than one piece of clothing every single time will make both the parent and the baby nervous. Leave those cute baby sets for birthday parties and special occasions and supply your little one with enough everyday outfits.

Can clothes be easily combined and passed along?

Parents who need to think about their budget when buying baby outfits or do not want their little one to have too many clothing items usually choose more neutral colors. They are easily combinable and wearable by both boys and girls. This is an important factor for families with more than one child and those who are more environmentally aware.

Now that you know which factors to consider when buying baby clothes, you can either get them in shops or order online. Have fun picking the cutest little garments for your little boy or girl!

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