Every Woman Should have These Shoes in Her Closet


For some they are purely a commodity, others fall into a real shopping addiction: shoes! Whether mules, high heels, sneakers, or sandals, we have several variants of each model and thus clearly far too many! Because we only need these 9 pairs of shoes to be perfectly equipped for every occasion!

This is how many shoes you should really have in your closet.


Every Woman Should have These Shoes in Her Closet - Sneakers

Sneakers are indispensable. Whether with a slip dress, skirt or jeans – the shoes always look super casual. So everyone should own a pair of sneakers. Preferably in white, because they really go with everything. They can be combined in many ways, can be used day and night and are therefore the best basic shoe.

High Heels or Kitten Heels

For a best friend’s birthday dinner, a glamorous cocktail party, or New Year’s Eve – sometimes we have to aim high. High heels or lower kitten heels stretch the leg and are super elegant. Despite all the visual points: When buying, make sure that they are sufficiently comfortable.

Flat Sandals

Flat sandals with laces, pompons & Co. immediately conjure up a summer mood. The flat shoes are ideal for sunny days on the beach and for a relaxed holiday stroll in between. Nice to wear: dresses, tunics, and skirts.

Ankle Boots

A pair of ankle boots should not be missing in any closet. The most beautiful variants are made of velvet, patent leather, or suede. They are all-rounders and can be combined with jeans and dresses all year round.

High Sandals

Sandals are an ideal alternative to extravagant heels. They look noble but subtle. Ideal for: Mild summer evenings outdoors, a picnic with your loved one or a meeting with your best friends.

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Masculine loafers are timeless all-rounders that belong in every wardrobe. The style break with feminine dresses and mini skirts, plus an oversize sweater, is particularly cute. The preppy chic is ready.

Delicate Ballerina

Ballerinas are classics! So that they don’t look too girlish and frumpy, they should have a striking pattern or be laced. We style them casually with ripped jeans, biker jackets and cool band shirts. They look playful with a round cap and rock-cool with a pointed cap.



We’re still in love with shock. So much so that mules – with or without heels – definitely have to be on this list. Because this trend is wonderfully comfortable and yet glamorous! Perfect for secretly exchanging high heels during the evening.

Outdoor Shoes/Boots


On rainy days, stylish boots and rain boots help against wet feet and also look really cool. Whether made of patent leather, impregnated smooth leather, or real rubber, we can also wear these shoes in everyday life.

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