Every Woman At 30 Should Have These 8 Pieces in Her Closet!



We’ve all bought clothes that don’t look right on us or that are terribly uncomfortable – but it was just a sale! Or – the classic among the bad purchases – the jeans that should motivate us to lose weight.

Bad purchases happen to the best of us, but sooner or later these items of clothing take up valuable wardrobe space and only make us unhappy. After all, the too-tight dress reminds us at some point every day that we have not lost weight.

Styling from 30: THESE parts belong in the closet

So it’s time we cleaned out our closets thoroughly and packed in what we really wear and which can be combined well with the rest of our wardrobe. So that you know where to start, we’ve put together a small list of the essentials for you.

You should have this in your wardrobe when you turn 30, because certain fashion faux pas (which you could file under “youthful sin” at 20) really don’t have to be anymore.

1) Nude Heels


Throw out the way too high and way too uncomfortable stilettos – as well as every other pair of shoes that are uncomfortable or now look too worn – and prefer to use noble high heels in nude tones. They are a real styling miracle for women from 30.

Nobody takes you seriously at the meeting if you show up with rancid shoes, high-quality, nude-colored pumps, on the other hand, really look good. In addition, they go with almost every outfit and even manage to make the legs look endlessly long and slender.

2) That Perfect Blazer

Every Woman Should Have These 8 Pieces in Her Closet! That perfect blazer

Even if you don’t work in a bank or an office with a strict dress code, sooner or later you will find yourself in a situation where you need a well-fitting blazer. You just put on your outfit and make you look serious and adult.

The best thing about the blazer is that it can also be easily combined with an otherwise casual look. If you don’t want to look too serious, simply wear the blazer with jeans and high heels.

3) A Cool Leather Jacket

Every Woman Should Have These 8 Pieces in Her Closet! Cool Ladies Leather Jacket

There is hardly an item of clothing that is more durable than a good leather jacket. With a leather jacket you can be sure that it will still look cool in 20 years and, if you rely on real leather, it will last that long. In addition, the leather jacket saves every outfit, no matter how boring, and makes it an eye-catcher. So it is an absolute must-have in the cloakroom from 30!

4) The Little Black One

Every Woman Should Have These 8 Pieces in Her Closet! Little Black Dress

If you don’t have it in your closet yet, you should do so by the age of 30 at the latest. The little black dress is and will remain an absolute all-rounder. Depending on the accessories, you can wear it to almost any occasion. You can wear it festively with high heels and sparkling jewelry or make it suitable for everyday use with rough boots and a leather jacket.

5) Well-Fitting Jeans

It doesn’t matter whether it’s skinny, boyfriend or bootcut jeans, every woman over 30 needs these jeans in which she simply feels indescribable. If you see these jeans, you will recognize them immediately: They are the jeans that conjure up a dream bottom, give you endlessly long legs and are also super comfortable. These jeans are also worth spending a little more money, as they will likely stay with you for a few years.

6) Black Pumps

Every Woman At 30 Should Have These 8 Pieces in Her Closet! Classy Black Pumps


Black pumps are the little black thing in the shoe world, so to speak. They can be worn with a pencil skirt in the office or with casual jeans in the bar. In addition, they match most colors, so you have a pair of go-to shoes with black pumps if you’re not sure which shoes go best with your outfit.

7) An Elegant Bag


Similar rules apply to handbags as to shoes: you can upgrade an entire outfit immediately and make it look more valuable! Throw out any handbag that is broken in any way.

They only take up valuable space in the closet and give the impression that you have a lot of pockets, even if you can no longer carry half of them. Especially at work, it is important to have a neat and representative handbag with you. Think of a simple design made of plain, matte leather.

8) Sexy Bikini

Every Woman At 30 Should Have These 8 Pieces in Her Closet! A Sexy Bikini

Admittedly, we rarely wear a bikini in everyday life, but a good bikini should not be missing in your wardrobe. Many women do not value their bikini because they do not feel comfortable in their bodies. A surprising number of women don’t even have a bikini, and that is exactly the wrong approach.

The right bikini manages to showcase our assets in such a way that we just feel irresistible and can hardly wait to show off our beach body. Life is far too short to be embarrassed and not to lie on the beach.

This knowledge should come at the latest at 30. Try it out, be not satisfied and look for the perfect bikini until you find it. It is often worth investing a little more money so that the cut and material are perfect. You will not regret it!

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