5 Effective Ways to Keep Your Car in Top Condition

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Car ownership isn’t about fueling up and driving away. When it comes to maintaining a car, it does not make a difference whether you have a premium or basic car. All vehicles are the same in that they require routine maintenance. If you violate this simple rule, you’ll likely experience breakdowns and costly repairs. Here are the tips to help you keep your car in perfect condition.

1) Keeping Your Car Clean and Shiny

Wash the car at least twice every month. Dirt, salt, and snow from the roads will cause rust, and wiping the body might not be enough. Wash the car with water and detergent, and don’t forget to wax it. That way, you will protect the car against things such as rusting and fading. If you have a child, a car seat cover from companies like Diono will ensure your car’s interior stays neat and clean.

2) Take Care of the Battery

A bad battery will give you issues at the worst time, especially when you are in a hurry to go to work or even school. Energy from the battery is needed to start the engine and keep the electrical system operating. If the battery doesn’t hold charge or isn’t functioning properly, your car might break down in the middle of nowhere and get stranded.

Battery maintenance is the most important DIY maintenance, so it’s best to be cautious every time. If a battery is more than three years old, and you notice the signs of issues, have it checked immediately. Even though there are numerous causes, the common one could be an issue with the battery or the charging unit.

Check the fluid level of your lead acid battery regularly and top it up as required by the manufacturer. If you are using the car frequently, run the engine every week for a few minutes to keep the battery charged,

3) Check Engine Oil Occasionally

Engine oil lubricates the moving components inside your car engine. The efficiency and lifespan of the engine are dependent on the lubrication. Checking the oil condition and level is part of car maintenance. So, engine oil should be added periodically and replaced if it has deteriorated.

Using the dipstick on the reservoir, check the oil level and its condition. If you see an abnormal drop in the oil level, your vehicle might be leaking oil. If the oil level is extremely low, be sure to top it up with the appropriate oil type.

However, if the oil is black or the mileage between the oil changes indicated by the manufacturer is passed, replacing the engine oil is recommended. Driving on low-level engine oil can cost you significantly. The common outcome could be serious engine damage, which might need costly repairs or engine replacement.

4) Take Special Care of Headlights and Brakes

Brakes are an important component of your vehicle. Faulty brakes will lead to serious accidents for you and other road users. Therefore, pay attention to the braking system. Modern car makers design their car’s braking system in a certain way, requiring it to be replaced regularly. This helps in preserving its efficiency. Therefore, observe any problems with bracks and get them inspected.

Headlights are another essential component of your car. They fulfill the function of communication and security by ensuring that motorists see you even in compromised visibility. You can use LED lights that come with anti-glare features, which ensures that the driver isn’t blinded. This improves visibility and security.

5) Wheel Alignment

You need to inspect the wheel alignment at least every two years. Wheels can get misaligned when driving into the curb or repairing suspension. It might also change with time because of bushes wearing out. The effect of a bad wheel alignment is accelerated tire wear and poor control. Tires are costly, and it’s good to have the wheel alignment inspected and fixed occasionally.


Understanding how parts and devices work in your vehicle offers you the advantage and likelihood of potentially fixing issues in a timely way. If you are mechanically inclined or minded, call your mechanic to get unusual issues inspected, replaced, or repaired to avoid problems getting worse.

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