7 Easy & Effective Ways to lose Weight


Food is the most tempting thing made on this earth. But eating in a proportion and maintaining an ideal weight with so much tempting food around you is a challenging task. It needs a lot of will power and motivation to put lock on your mouth and taking balanced diet.

The journey of gaining weight is much more simpler then the journey of losing weight. Once you gain extra pound, it requires a lot of efforts to loose it and come back in shape.

In this article we will give you some simple tricks to loose weight and remain gorgeous and smart forever.

1) Drinking plenty of water:

Water is an essential ingredient to loose weight. It helps in staying hydrated, gives you the feeling of full and helps you overcome the habit of overeating. It flush out the toxins, keeps your body organs active and healthy and gives a glow on your skin. If you want to reduce weight, drink plenty of water and especially before every meal.  This will help you eat lesser then the usual hence you achieve the desired results.

2) Workout:


Losing weight without workout is very tough. Workout is the key of maintaining a healthy and beautiful body. It keeps you active and in shape if you work out for at least half hour per day. It also helps your body prevents many diseases. Different kinds of workouts can be done depending on your capacity. Aerobics, zumba, yoga, gym, leslie walk etc are very good for shedding weight and losing inches. Add in your daily routine with clean eating to achieve what you dream for.

3) Walk:

Walk is one of the most effective way to maintain or to loose weight. It is recommended almost by all the doctors and fitness trainers around the world. It’s not only best for losing weight but also have numerous health benefits including controlling diabetes, obesity, blood pressure and much more. It also strengthens the muscles of body and helps reducing stress. It gives mental refreshment too. Clean eating with walk is an ideal combination to loose weight especially for those who can’t afford the expensive gym and other fitness coaching.

4) Dieting plans:

If you plan to reduce weight by dieting, there are plenty of diet plans available on internet. You can follow the most suitable and effective diet plan. Protein diet, dates diet, banana diet, carbs diet and much more can be followed. Don’t do it for longer period and try to avoid cheats of all kind. Workout regularly along with dieting to achieve results faster.

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5) Teas:

Coffee, black tea, green tea, ginger tea, mint tea, cinnamon tea etc. are very helpful in reducing weight. Avoid adding sugar and milk. Have any tea or combination of two teas in a day to shed weight. These teas also helps in boosting metabolism and gives energy to mind and body. Avoid overtaking of any tea as some teas have caffeine and it’s high intake is not good for health. Some teas are effective before meal while some are recommended after meal. For different teas, use Google to find the most effective recipes.

6) Clean eating:

If you think sticking to a diet plan is difficult for you , try to eat clean. By clean eating I mean, eating everything that’s healthy, low in fats and rich in nutritions. Avoid junk, sugary and oily food to maintain yourself. Workout or walk along with clean eating.

7) Eating slowly:

Those who eats fast gain weight much faster than those who eats slow. Eat slowly and chew your bites more to fasten up the digestion processing.

Losing weight is not  important because it’s fashion but it’s important for your health. Maintain healthy weight so that you remain youthful, beautiful and healthier.


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