7 Easy Tips for Saving Money on Your Family this Summer


When it comes to relaxation and fun family time, the summer is the right time. However, this also means it can easily become expensive, especially if your kids are off school and you have every single day to fill to keep them entertained.

An enjoyable family summer doesn’t have to be a source of high expense or worry, and it shouldn’t be. So here are seven easy tips you can use to save some money on your family time this summer.

1) Look for Discount Opportunities

While summer prices can be renowned for being more expensive during the peak months, there still might be opportunities to save. For example, some big attractions may offer 2 for 1 ticket, cheaper tickets for children, or even free entry for certain ages.

You can also look for discounts at supermarkets with grocery coupons, meaning you can save money on the extra food you’ll need for the summer months.

2) Plan More Carefully for Summer Clothes

Growing children can easily need a whole new wardrobe when summer arrives, and items that will keep them comfortable and cool during the hot weather is a must. To avoid running up an expensive clothes bill, be sure to make a plan for clothes purchases.

This could be:

  • Making sure always to measure your child properly first
  • Shopping in-store rather than online to make sure your child can try on the clothes first and check that your child likes them
  • Thinking about more durable fabrics which are going to last a lot longer (and be able to endure a lot of summer activity and movement)
  • Clothes that can easily be layered for cooler weather (just in case the temperature drops, and you’re not stuck with clothes that are only suitable for high temperatures)

3) Buy Garden Items

If you have the opportunity to utilize a large family garden, this can save you a lot of extra expense by avoiding day trips out. In addition, you can save energy, time, and money on attraction tickets, entrance fees, fuel, and food, by spending time in your garden instead.

All this means is that you have to fill your garden with things to keep the kids entertained during the summer while opting to stay at home. Fun summer items to consider can be inflatable water slides, sandpits, ball pits, trampolines, and paddling pools.

4) Take Snacks and Drinks with You

If you’re planning lots of family days out in the sunshine, food and drink is where you can easily go overboard. But, especially if you need to make sure everyone stays hydrated and keeps their energy up during hotter temperatures, you may end up needing to feed and water your kids more often.

Packing your items means avoiding high price tags when you’re out and about and having to spend more if you’re caught short with a very thirsty child.

5) Research Free Activities

Doing things during the summer doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune. While you may be thinking about all the big attractions to keep your kids entertained, there are many things you can do in the sunshine which don’t cost a penny.

Walking and big hikes are the easiest examples of free ways to get outside. Do some research into some fun new trails to explore. You can also head to the local park or find one you can drive to where you can spend time without having to pay for it. The beach is also another free option.

If you’re looking for more engaging activities, you can also look into places with free entrance fees. Museums are great examples of daily activities you can plan that may be completely free if they don’t charge admission.

6) Rent Items Instead of Buying

There may be certain things you’d like to do as a family for the summer that you don’t necessarily have a long-term commitment to. Renting can therefore help you to save money. This could be renting bikes for a family ride instead of buying bikes for everyone, or it could be renting sports equipment like tennis rackets to hit the local court.

7) Take a Cheaper Vacation (or a Staycation)

If your family’s summer plans are more focused on vacation, try for a more budget-friendly option. This could be camping as a family instead of renting a hotel. Or you might want to hit the road with a family camper van instead of paying for accommodation.

To save more money on flights and extras, consider a staycation instead.

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