5 Easy Tips For Choosing The Perfect Artwork For Your Home


A lot of time and effort goes into making your home just right. The chairs are carefully selected. The family pictures are perfectly placed. Even the silverware has its designated spot. With so much time and effort into making your home your home, it goes without saying that time and effort should be put into the art selection as well.

Finding art for your home puts the cherry on the cake. It brings everything to a beautiful completion. But where do you begin? Don’t fret. When it comes to choosing the perfect artwork for your home here are five easy tips to get you started.

Look at the Space

When it comes to choosing the perfect artwork for your home, the first thing that must be considered is “where is it going”? You know that the artwork you are going to select is going in your house, but where? The living room wall? The center of the entryway? The attic?!

It is essential to consider the room and the space an art piece will be occupying in its selection. Points to think about include area space, dimensions, and spatial relationship with existing furniture and decor items. When this is taken into mind, then it can be imagined how the artwork will draw the eye.

Most will recommend a large space. Go big! A large space is instantly elevated and the artwork will always catch an eye giving an unforgettable statement.

Choose Wall, Floor, or Space

Once you decide which space or room your artwork will reside in, it is time to determine its specific location. Will it be going on the wall? Will it stand in the middle of the floor or off in some corner? Will it hang with an invisible lining from the ceiling?

In any of these cases, it is important to take into account the dimensions and orientation of the location. It will be your art piece’s new home, after all. The space of the wall, floor, or … space, should not detract, overwhelm, or suffocate the artwork.

It is good to go along with the existing shapes of the location. For example, tall wide walls will suit a large landscape piece with a horizontal orientation.

Can You See It? Do You See Too Much of It?

After your artwork is in its new home, will you be able to see it? Is it out of sight? You definitely do not want this to happen. A big mistake, that happens often, is placing an art piece out of viewing range.

In the spatial relationship between all the items that will occupy the same room or space, it is vital to consider key determinants. Is a corner of the room becoming too crowded? Is a painting hogging seventh-eighths of the wall or three-fourths? Can you walk around the statue in the middle of the living space?

Know What You Want to Spend

Before making any type of purchase, you always want to have an idea of how much you are willing to spend. What is your budget? Is there any wiggle room with your budget? How high is your absolute maximum? You want to ask yourself these types of questions before going out to choose the perfect artwork for your home.

Your budget will determine not only what artwork you choose but the cost and shopping location. For example, let’s say you have an unlimited budget (that would be great!). With this type of budget, you may go directly to artists to commission a piece or go to an art auction. If you hold a high budget, you may want to peruse your local galleries and art houses.

When comes to knowing how much you want to spend, keep in mind that art tends to maintain or increase in value over time. Purchasing an artist’s original artwork can be a prudent financial investment.

Maybe you do not want to spend too much on the artwork and simply want something nice to accent your home. There are many places and numerous art pieces that are brilliant and won’t break the bank. You can check out local art markets and shops, flea markets, and fairs.

The is also art available to you at the click of a key in online galleries and art stores such as Etsy and Society 6. All you have to do is simply search for the art you like and enjoy finding your new favorite things.

Stay True to You

Sometimes when it comes to decorating and designing homes, there is a tendency to think about what others will have to say about certain choices. Why did they choose this color paint? Why go with impressionism art over modern art in this room? But you must remember that you will spend the most time in your home and you need to be happy with those creative choices.

Remember to consider your personal tastes and pick out what you like. This might be easier said than done. Sometimes with the myriad of choices, the decision can be overwhelming. Stick to what resonates with you and matches your personality. Always go with what makes you happy.

If you are not sure what art matches your personality, try a genre quiz to narrow down what type of art you look at. If you like everything, take a record of what styles already exist in your home and work within those lines.

Art is the zest of life and artworks are an xx investment. Art can last a lifetime, just check in over at the Louvre! While you may not have the Mona Lisa in your kitchen, adding art to your home can bring in a new breath of life, enhance a living space, and complete a home.

So go out and pursue your local art stores and galleries. Remember to look at the space you want to fill, choose the location the art will reside, consider its visibility, create your budget, and, most importantly, stay true to yourself. You are sure to find a piece you will love and cannot wait to put in your home!

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