Easter Decoration Ideas 2021


An Easter decoration can be very versatile. Whether Easter bunnies, lambs or colored eggs, classic, natural or modern: Here you will find the most beautiful Easter decorations for the holidays. Let yourself be inspired!

Daffodils, tulips, and forsythias are already blooming – so it’s time to decorate your house and garden with the right Easter decorations for the coming holidays. Small ceramic Easter lambs, wooden bunnies, and colorful flower wreaths are set up. They can be found in the most varied of shapes in furniture stores, flower shops and decoration shops. Everyone loves the small figures and their symbolism. The eggs, the Easter lamb and the Easter bunny stand for a new beginning. To celebrate this, friends and families come together – it goes without saying that colorful flowers should not be missing at such a festival.

Easter background Image

Easter background

Easter background images or some call it Easter wallpaper are something that goes beautifully with the decoration. You can add colors and ornaments and paint Easter eggs according to your theme. The same can ides can be used for Easter cards.

Classic Easter Decoration

Classic Easter decoration Easter decoration 2021

Bunnies, lambs, and colored eggs are part of the classic Easter decoration and decorate the house and garden in March and April. In some regions of the world very special dyeing techniques for Easter eggs have been developed. The fine, hand-decorated ornaments on the hard-boiled eggs, as they are typical in Ukraine, for example, are well known. Batik techniques or special colors are also widespread in some countries. That is why we paint our eggs with beautiful motifs or bright colors.

Blowing it out is a bit tricky, but it is nice to see when self-painted eggs hang in the bush in front of the house. If you don’t have the time or patience to blow out and color the eggs, you can simply use purchased copies made of plastic or wood as Easter decorations. They can withstand the changeable weather outside. Hard-boiled eggs colored with special colors are very popular. Not only because they are very decorative, but also because you can eat them.

Bunnies and chicks are also part of the classic Easter decorations. As decorative figures made of porcelain, they decorate the windowsill and the living room table. Those who prefer it natural can fall back on carved wooden specimens. Even Easter lambs should not be missing during this time. Regardless of the shape – we love them as cakes, cuddly soft toys or made of wood with a felted wool belly. If you use it to decorate the entrance area of ​​the house, for example, everyone can marvel at the cozy Easter decorations.

Natural Easter Decorations

In a natural decoration for Easter natural materials come in muted colors used. Such a decoration will go well not only in a house decorated with wooden furniture but also with modern styles of interior design.

You can make beautiful Easter decorations yourself from natural materials such as soft, green moss and flowering branches as well as golden straw and fragrant onion flowers – be it a table decoration or a small arrangement for the terrace. The great thing is that all of the materials can be found in nature. For example, small Easter nests can be formed from moss – or you can make moss eggs. Simply collect the moss on your own lawn or in a nearby forest. Please find out beforehand whether collecting moss in the forest is also permitted. In many places, it is now banned and punished with a penalty.

Easter Wreaths

Easter Wreaths

Decorated with an Easter wreath, the entrance door welcomes guests to the holiday. But also in a bowl on the table or hanging on the garden fence, matching wreaths spread an Easter mood. They are best tied from birch or willow branches because the branches of these trees are very flexible and therefore do not tear when they are formed into a ring.


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