Effective exercises, Do Sit Ups Burn Belly Fat


Alas, the stomach is a problematic area for many people so you want to write a short topic while exposing a perfectly flat press. But to find such a miracle, you will have to work hard. Of course, you can go to the gym, you can find the best gym in your area but home workouts for losing weight on your stomach are less effective. After going through so many exercise routines question arises do sit-ups burn belly fat?

First of all, you need to remember: The important thing is persistence and systematicity. Studying a few times a week doesn’t make any sense. Press releases should be better downloaded once or even twice a day.

The accuracy of the movement is equally important. Better to do less, but more than that, anyway. As the exercises become easier, increase the number of approaches and repetitions without stopping for the results achieved. constantly increase.

Does Sit Ups Burn Belly Fat

Abdominal Slimming Exercise

does sit ups burn belly fat

So, abdominal slimming exercise. Do all the moves at home and follow the Pilates principles. Do not constantly pull on the stomach and do not strain the muscles. And in a position where you do not tend to bend your back in any case – you need to press it firmly to the floor. Education should start with a traditional heart. It can dance, light jumps with or without a rope, run on the field or spin the hoop for 15 minutes.

Then proceed to the basic exercises. We circle them, rest a little and repeat everything again. There are at least three approaches (preferably four or more). Training ends with a handicap (same cardio load, eg 10 minutes of hoop) and stretches.

All exercises for slimming the abdomen (at home) can be divided into three groups: raising the upper body, raising the lower part, and combining the first and second.

We start with the classic twist: lying on the floor, we train the muscles of the rectum. We lie on our backs, press our lower backs, bend our legs at the knees, put our hands behind our heads, and our elbows do not extend to the ceiling. Tear off the neck and shoulder straps and return to the starting position without straining the neck.

Breathing problems are addressed by: It’s usually good to breathe to relax and breathe in tension. Some instructors advise the opposite. That is why everyone here recommends choosing the option that is most convenient for them. Exercises are completed at least 15 times.

The so-called figurative twist: the starting position is the same, but raising the shoulders and head raises the pelvis. Breathe out, lower. The number of approaches is the same.

We train the oblique abdominal muscles. Initial position on the back, throw the foot of the right foot on the left knee, raise the shoulder and extend the elbow of the left hand to the right knee. We do 15 times, switch legs, and extend the right elbow to the left knee.

Body Lift Exercise

does sit ups burn belly fat

Start by lifting your body up to your knees. When we exhale, we fall. This workout for slimming your stomach at home can be upgraded to your liking. You can fold your hands on your chest or reach forward. Throw it behind your head for those who can’t get up. Your legs can comfortably rest on the floor with your knees bent or straight. Remember: the slower you move, the greater the effect. To fall to the floor, you need to do it slowly, and each vertebra takes turns feeling the support.

Leg lifts Exercise

does sit ups burn belly fat

This exercise can also be modified and complex. The easiest way is to raise your straight legs straight from the supine position. My back was pressed to the floor! A variation of this exercise is to raise both legs when the legs are straight and just go up and down, bend them, do both legs, or bike with scissors. A more difficult but even more effective option is to raise the pelvis as well as the legs that touch the floor behind the head with socks. Hands can be stretched along the body behind the head or behind the head.

And finally, the most fun. Abdominal slimming exercises at home, consist of a combination of different approaches. First – in the starting position (lying on the floor, hands behind the head, legs bent, holding the lower back), simultaneously raise the shoulders and legs. That is, extend your knees to your head. If you do not strain the neck, all work is done by the abdominal muscles.

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A variation on this exercise is to raise your straight leg up at a right angle from the starting position, then lower it as far down as possible, keeping your knee unbent. Raise your head and shoulders without lowering your legs, extend your arms along your body, and raise and lower your arms without breathing evenly. Shake your hand and shake it 100 times.

For a change, you can perform and practice slimming belly button standing. These are the so-called “springs are”, as well as tilted back and forth in different directions. The most effective way: bend your knees slightly, raise your right hand over your head, and bend your left hand at the elbow.

Bend to the left, pulling to the side of the right hand, and touch the left slightly to the right. And now a slight rise with a small amplitude rises slightly upwards and is once again limited by a factor of 50. Of course, better is better, but it will come gradually with exercise. When you do not have the strength to bear the pain in your side, straighten, change hands and lean in different directions.

Effective exercises, Do Sit Ups Burn Belly Fat (4) - does sit ups burn belly fat

Stretches of the abdominal muscles are classic, legs, and tilt to the right and left. You will never forget it as it reduces pain after exercise and makes your muscles more resilient. In general, doing abdominal slimming exercises at home will give you quick and effective results. Just practice and you don’t have to give up classes.


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