Difference Between Advertising and Marketing


It is often very confusing when consulting related to marketing. This is the part that the majority of customers think that marketing is just advertising or publicity and that as much as they invest, they believe that it is a result. Looking at that, in fact, you can see that there are still so many people who think sales and marketing are the same.

So what is marketing and what is the difference between advertising and marketing? And why do people believe it’s time for marketing to be a must?


Marketing can be said to mean any activity between producers and consumers. In fact, it has a wider range than sales, and sometimes it’s just the opposite. The main purpose of marketing is not to sell a product, but to change and understand why you should buy it. After all, what marketing aims to do is to understand the customer and make sure that products and services are sold on their own, tailored to the customer. In particular, as the market itself is moving from producer-centered to consumer-centered in recent years, marketing has become more active as it begins to focus more on the interests of consumers.

Advertising is a part of marketing. The four components (4P) of marketing are composed of product, price, place, and promotion. Advertising can be expressed as one of the strategies of promotion. Still, it’s a shame that many people still think of marketing as advertising. In fact, advertising is just one step in marketing’s many strategies.

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Marketing has a very wide range. Marketing includes data collection, market analysis, product sales strategy, and product development, production, and sales forecasting.

Through this, we create a structure in which products and services are widely advertised, communicated with customers, and sold continuously. And advertising is the next step. It costs money to induce purchases. Products and services that are well-known and well-known to people will be able to advertise their products very efficiently through advertisements. In simple terms, marketing is the main purpose of promoting products and services, and advertisements are repeatedly exposed through the media as a means of publicity in marketing, and actions that increase the trust of consumers.

In fact, it’s not easy for most people to know the scope of marketing. Because you are only interested in what you see. People who don’t know the scope of proper marketing are guilty of thinking that marketing is advertising. That is why advertising agencies dismiss marketing as weak, so it is difficult to know properly about marketing, which is a very wide range.

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I remember the experience of growing several companies through online sales over the past 10 years and experiencing trial and error in the early days because I didn’t know the difference between marketing and advertising.

It was a very inefficient way to advertise a product that was not well known to consumers by advertising alone, although it paid quite a bit. After that, I tried to communicate and understand consumers through marketing through social media. We’ve been focusing on enhancing the brand’s value by listening to what they want, not only through the quality of our products, but also through our service, telling them why they should buy our products. After all, marketing is what makes customers happy. Advertising is the next step.

It is natural to conduct marketing and see effects through advertising. However, at the very least, you should be aware of the difference between marketing and advertising, and focus on promoting your products and services through effective marketing. After that, if you focus on making your customers happy, you will get better results.

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