Décor Tips for Making a Dream Room


I don’t think that there is even a single person on this earth who doesn’t want a peaceful, luxurious and well-furnished room. When you come home after a long hectic day, all you want to do is to crash on your bed and spend “your-time” in your room. If it’s neat, clean, well-decorated and well-organized, you will really find it as a most peaceful and desirable corner of your house.

Here, we will share some amazing decor ideas for your room which will help you to make your room looks illuminated, spacious and soothing.


Furniture plays a very important role in making your room presentable. Selection of furniture according to the space of room is very important. If you have a small room, prefer small bed otherwise high-back beds gives a deluxe look to the room. Never overcrowd your room.

A small bright rug is in the center of the room across the bed looks amazing and trendy as full carpeted room are old fashion (unless your floor is too worn out and you have to cover it with a carpet). The bright color of the rug instantly catches the eye if the room walls are light in color. Try to select the color of furniture, rugs, cushions, curtains etc. that in contrast of each other. All different and opposite colors give the room a very messy and odd look.


Selection of curtains is again a challenging task as your curtains represent your taste. Don’t get too much formal type of curtains for room. Select the color of curtains which goes well with the paint color of the room, the furniture and the rugs etc.

Get light colored curtains if the color of paint is dark and vice versa. Light floral patterns with a touch of gold or silver fits in almost all types of curtains no matter dark or light in color. So look for such type of elegant curtains.

A special corner

Always make a special corner in your room that gives you the soothing effect to your mind when you look at it. Put a nice wall-hanging, a real or an artificial plant with stylish lamp, a small rug, floor cushions or anything as per your taste. You can make it your reading corner too.

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A room without mirrors is incomplete. If your room is spacious then you can place a dresser with a large mirror. If you don’t have space for a dressing table, then place a mirror with a nice frame on the wall for the decor purpose.

You can add a frame light with mirror to make a beautiful combination. Always set your perfumes and cosmetics in a nice way. Don’t overload your dresser with too many things. It looks very messy.

Decoration Pieces

Buy some beautiful decorations for your room including paintings, vases, flowers etc. too add beautification. Use both types of lights in your room i.e. white and yellow and switch on according to your mood. You could even create your own personalized neon lighting to serve as the perfect backdrop for your Instagram photos or Snapchat stories!

For me, investment on your room is an investment on your peace. Don’t hesitate for making your room a dream room after all you deserve to rest peacefully after a long day.

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