Cosmic Match: Horoscope & Astrology App Review


Meet the Cosmic Match app – your new destination for all spiritual and cosmic guidance you need.

This all-in-one, highly personalized lifestyle app is perfect for setting self-improvement goals and getting guidance from your stars, numbers, and biorhythms. The Cosmic Match app uses a unique personalization system to match you up with your cosmic signs. The signs to guide you towards your fortune, soulmate, or destined choices.

To cater to your exact aspirations, it discovers your preferences and traits, analyzes your specific needs, and guides you spiritually based on all the input info. Namely by providing astrological horoscopes and predictions, biorhythm readings, and natal chart reports. And the best part? It’s all wrapped up in one easy-to-use app.

Let’s have a closer look at the features and benefits of an app.

What is a Cosmic Match?

In a nutshell, Cosmic Match uses your personal and astrological data to connect you with the stars and planets that directly affect and shape your destiny. It grants a number of features for hyper-personalized celestial guidance:

  1. Personalized horoscopes just for you;
  2. Compatibility analyses based on astrology;
  3. Daily biorhythm tracking to keep you in tune with the cosmic energy;
  4. Detailed natal charts and reports;

The app packs just the right amount of functionality to keep in sync spiritually and maintain internal harmony daily. The only major requirement is an online connection. Moving on with this overview, let’s explore all of Cosmic Match’s angles: advantages and disadvantages.


  • Automated, hyper-personalized daily and monthly horoscopes;
  • Compatibility tests that help discover soulmates;
  • Comes as a web and mobile app;
  • Intuitive, minimalistic user interface with instructions;
  • Provides tons of personal star- and number-based info;
  • Subscription can be cancelled at any time;


  • Requires an online connection;
  • Presents a limited range of major features as of the current version;

Cosmic Match may not have all the bells and whistles some other loaded apps offer. But its minimalistic approach sets it apart from the crowded market. Cosmic Match keeps things streamlined. It avoids overwhelming users with excessive information and focuses on effectively delivering key points instead.

The app has a unique approach to personalization. A special sign-up quiz takes each user on a mental stroll through psychological reactions, traits, and self-improvement preferences just to get to know you better.

After passing the quiz and registering an account, you get to experience your newly personalized star-guided spiritual journey in full.

How to sign up for Cosmic Match?

The whole process of creating a new account and activating the app is quick and fun. The quiz you must complete is an engaging exploration of individual desires, aspirations, and preferences. But let’s start from the top.

In order to start using the Cosmic Match app:

  • Open Cosmic Match.
  • Hit Start Quiz – you will need to go through a few basic questions (gender, relationships, etc.) and answer 34 random questions that will shape your further Cosmic Match astrology experience.
  • Complete the quiz and specify your email address.
  • Choose a 7-day trial plan (prices vary: $13.67, $9, $5, or $1).
  • Select your preferred trial option, hit Unlock my plan, review the highlights of your plan, and hit Continue.
  • On this page, complete payment and hit Get Access.

The quiz shapes your whole personal experience with the app, so it is certainly recommended to take a minute with it. In any case, you will be able to customize your preferences and re-adjust the app if you pick some answers that don’t exactly fit you.

Target audience

The app is designed for those who have a strong interest in astrology and want to stay connected to celestial influences. It summarizes natal charts, provides predictions, and analyzes biorhythms. It is also beneficial for individuals on a personal growth journey, as it offers guidance across life paths and helps in gaining deeper self-understanding.

Additionally, the app caters to those curious about relationships, as it provides compatibility tests and celestial insights to effectively navigate romance and love life.

You will certainly find this app useful if you are:

  • An astrology, numerology, and/or predictions enthusiast;
  • An active, eager person on the path of self-discovery and improvement;
  • A romantic in constant search for the right soulmate;

Main features

Cosmic Match helps set personal growth goals, uncover inner potential, and navigate love life through a set of essential features:

  • Cosmic Match horoscopes – daily or monthly predictions, guidances, and pieces of advice told by the stars;
  • Natal charts – number-based dashboards, summaries, and reports that indicate the planets and symbols that guide you;
  • Compatibility tests – advice and recommendations for selecting partners and friends that don’t conflict with your stars;
  • Biorhythm tracking – daily readings of personal cycles of mental and physical spirituality;


The Cosmic Match app offers several trial packages, allowing you to donate an initial amount to access a full range of features:

  • $1
  • $5
  • $9
  • $13.67

You get a full app version for any picked donation, just to try things out for seven days. After the trial, you can switch to a bi-weekly subscription plan and continue on your self-improvement journey.

How to Cancel Your Subscription

You may cancel the Cosmic Match subscription freely. For a Cosmic Match refund, contact the app’s creators at


“As a busy mother/specialist, finding time for self-care and introspection is a challenge. That’s where the Cosmic Match has become my digital sanctuary, offering me a moment of zen amidst the chaos. Personalized horoscopes provide me with a fresh perspective. Biorhythm checks help me maintain balance. Everything I could ask for.”

– Sophia Rogriguez

“I’ve always believed that the stars hold secrets about our lives, and the Cosmic Match app has helped me unlock those secrets in the most fascinating way. This app is my daily dose of inspiration and guidance. Whether I’m seeking advice for important decisions or simply exploring my horoscope for the day, it’s like receiving a warm hug from the universe.”

– Emily Thompson

“Cosmic Match’s compatibility insights helped me find a deeper connection with my partner, so this app has truly enriched my spiritual journey and life as a whole. The detailed insights, especially the natal charts, have given me a deeper understanding of myself and my relationships. So yeah, big ups to Cosmic Match.”

– Ava Williams

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