4 Common HVAC Problems You Could Face


Here are some of the common HVAC problems you may face during the winter. Check them out to keep healthy indoor air.


HVAC problems can develop from small issues, like dirty filters (example size 12x12x1 air filter), to bigger problems, like broken coils. If you face an HVAC issue, it’s important to take care of it as soon as possible, so it doesn’t get worse. Regular maintenance checks can fix many things that can go wrong with your furnace filters. Your system needs to be checked each year to make sure it is working properly in case of extreme weather.

4 Common HVAC Problems

Whenever you face problems with HVAC systems, it’s usually the worst time. Here are four common HVAC problems you could face:

1) Dirty Merv Filters

Low-efficiency filters within MERV 1-4 are designed to protect your air from particles smaller than a certain size. High-efficiency filters with MERV 11 and MERV 14 are designed to protect your air from particles bigger than a certain size. So choosing the right MERV filter is essential. A MERV 6 filter captures more dust and pollen than a MERV 8 filter. The MERV rating tells us how restrictive the filter is. When it gets a higher MERV rating, it takes more energy and pressure to pass the air through easier than before. When the MERV filters get dirty, it will make the filter less efficient. As a result, it will deteriorate the MERV ratings and can not work properly to capture the air pollutants and affect the airflow.

2) Loss of Heat

If you lose heat, there could be several possible reasons. Maybe something is blocking the heat, or the room is too cold. You can try to fix the problem or find a warmer place to stay. If the compressor or heat pump isn’t working properly, that may cause heat loss.

3) Leaking problems with the refrigerant

When you see ice on the refrigerant tubing and the evaporator coils, there may be a leak in the system. This can happen when you don’t have enough refrigerant to keep things cool. If your coolant level is low, the HVAC system will have to work harder to keep the temperature the same, and the system will have to run longer than usual, or it can not produce the desired results. It’s vital that you contact an expert in AC Repair to get this issue looked at, as what seems like a supply issue might instead be a leak which requires extensive repairs you’d likely not be capable of doing yourself, whilst an expert would have no issue handling this.

4) Thermostat Malfunctions

There are different types of thermostats, programmable and non-programmable, to control the temperature in a room. When a homeowner finds their HVAC systems aren’t working properly, it can be because the thermostat is not set correctly, or the furnace filter may not be working at all. Some thermostats have batteries that need to be replaced from time to time.


HVAC systems help to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It also filters the air and maintains the right humidity levels. House Owners should be aware of their HVAC systems so they can easily identify their problems. Each problem is different from other problems. The most common problems with HVAC systems are usually easy to fix when you know about them.

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