Christmas Decorating Made Simple and Easy


Styling your home with Christmas decorations is an activity that many families look forward to for months ahead of time. Although it is a lot of fun, it is also important that you find a way to not become overwhelmed with all the tasks that lie ahead as time draws closer.

A rooted tradition of Christmas trees

Christmas trees are a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer real trees, while others are not interested in the maintenance that comes with them. Each type has its own set of benefits and drawbacks – real trees can make a mess by shedding needles, but come with the authentic pine smell and the warmth of a real, living plant in your home.

A well-crafted artificial tree can be a good substitute, but take care that you buy a well-manufactured one with adequate stability to prevent it from tipping over under the weight of the Christmas tree decorations. A well-manufactured Christmas tree will last for many years. People also choose slim artificial Christmas trees these days as they get busier in their lives. This way they can live up to the festivity and manage their work life.

The benefits of a traditional tree (rather than one in which fashion colours or designs are used) are that they will never go out of fashion, and will look classy even after many years. It is much easier to decorate a tree to keep it fashionable than to have to commit to a new tree every time the fashion changes.

Taking care of exterior decorations to your home

The outside of the home is as important to the overall effect as the inside! Christmas decorating is more than just putting up some Christmas lights and calling it a day. The best way to approach exterior decorating is to do a thorough assessment of your property, to not only understand how much you will need to spend on decorations, but also to make a better decision about the type of decorations you prefer.

Every surface in your yard is a potential place to decorate, so make sure that you do a good assessment, as it will definitely contribute to the overall effect – as with anything, when you do your homework before committing, it shows.

Leave a light on

Christmas lights come in several lengths of strings, different colours and even different globe designs – some are traditional, or you could even choose a snowflake shape or a string of snowmen!

These beautiful lights are central to the Christmas aesthetic, but each different kind comes with its own way of being used. It can be a bit confusing, but here is a short guide to making it work.

The longer the string, the more lights it can hold, and the more lights it can hold, the more power it will use. This is where the difference between LED lights and incandescent lights becomes significant. LED bulbs use much less electricity per unit than incandescent, which not only means a lighter load on the electricity source, but also ends up being far cheaper to run.

What ornaments do you prefer?

Ornaments are very popular Christmas tree decorations, and really go a long way in extending your options when you are devising an overall look and feel for your Christmas theme.

Don’t think that ornaments have to be limited to the bulbs of your childhood. Ornaments can be either shop bought or handmade and can be layered for texture and variations in colour for greater visual interest. Also consider layering your ornaments in different sizes to create a sense of perspective, or hanging them in a specific configuration like a zigzag or a spiral.


The one piece of décor that people tend to forget about, is the humble tree skirt. It is very useful for covering up unsightly parts of the tree, and can really help to finish off a look. But what is a tree skirt, and why do you need one?
All it is, is a piece of fabric that is sewn to fit around the bottom of the tree. You can also use a basket, a sheet of paper, or a custom-made base. Not only can it make the tree appear to be more solid and stable, but it also provides a solid visual anchor against which the gifts can be stacked around the base of the tree.

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