Choosing The Right Wardrobe Design


Choosing the right wardrobe design that perfectly goes with your room décor and solves your storage issues should be done carefully. Believe it or not, wardrobe is an important part of any house, as it is not only functional but leaves impression on the interior too.

There are several aspects that have impact on the overall look of your house, including how the wardrobe looks, what material is used to make it, where you have placed it, etc. There are a number of things that you need to keep in mind before finalizing the design of your wardrobe.

Things to consider while choosing the wardrobe design

Since one design that may suit your friend may not be perfect for your needs, it is significant to find out what you want and which wardrobe design would work for you the best.

1) Find the right size:

Wardrobes are available in a variety of depths, widths and heights. So, it is important to buy the one that fits within the measurements of the available space in your room. Apart from the space required to place the wardrobe, you need some clearance space as well so that you can fully open the doors and the drawers, and you can stand comfortably too while keeping or taking things from it.

A wardrobe can come with 2, 3 or 4 doors, and small rooms would be done well with a corner armoire. Make sure that the wardrobe design you choose is proportionate with the size of your room, as too big or too small may look overwhelming or lost respectively.

2) Know the right type of wardrobe:

Apart from different size options, wardrobes are available in different types as well, including fully fitted, freestanding, sliding doors or an armoire with drawers. Whichever style you choose, it should perfect fit into your room and make best use of the available space. Freestanding wardrobes can be easily moved around from one place to the other, as compared to the fixed ones. So, if you frequently shift house or you like to re-design your room every now and then, then go for freestanding ones.

Sliders have sliding doors that do not require extra space for closing or opening, because of which they are ideal options for small rooms. They also look modern, and mirrors can be fitted on the front to give them an added feature. You may also go for a wardrobe design with fitted drawers. You can efficiently use them to store your bed sheets, undergarments, jewellery pieces, ties, accessories, socks, etc.

3) Choose the right wardrobe style:

With so many wardrobe designs to choose from, you must observe the interior of your room and select the material, colour and texture that suit well with your flooring, walls, blinds, curtains, bed and other furniture. Mirrors and high gloss finishes can actually enhance your room’s look and make it appear bigger, while painted and colourful wardrobes give character to bigger rooms.

If you desire a rustic or traditional look for your room, then go for a wooden wardrobe made with waxed finish, antique style or golden tone. On the other hand, if you are looking for a contemporary look for your room, then go for mirror finish, stainless steel wardrobe design, or a wardrobe coated with acrylic, laminate or veneer.

What are the contemplation to make when you pick your closet?

  • Choosing the ideal shading for your stroll in closet – The shade of the stroll in closet is one of the prime components of thought. There are for all intents and purposes end number of alternatives accessible, the fundamental hues as a rule are the most favoured decisions with regards to the stroll in closets. White is without a doubt the most splendid shading decision as it is the most intelligent shading. In this manner, picking white shading for your stroll in closet would likewise help you in turning your darkroom to be a progressively lively space. White is additionally a best background shading for featuring your garments and makes them the concentration in your room. You can pick dynamic espresso hues and dim darker hues to add to the greatness of the pastel shades of the room.

The dim green, wood dark coloured, burgundy or dark are a portion of the darker shades which you can decide for your closet.

  • Choice of immaculate lighting and right reflects – Any stroll in closet ought to essentially have mirrors which can be utilized very well for cosmetics and fitting. Establishment of the reflected back on the open racks of the closet extensively helps in the showcase of the light. Likewise, a mirror put in an unattached position can demonstrate to be extremely snazzy just as practical.

With the situation of the mirrors, it is likewise imperative to receive the ideal lighting. The customary roof lights don’t go well with the stroll in closets. You can browse rectangular or oval-molded mirrors to get a thought regarding how to mirror the light or how to upgrade the nature of the general home stylistic theme. The track lighting wonderfully helps in featuring the racks and the dimmers are as a rule very much utilized for the little corners and to differentiate the spaces.

  • Selection of the adornment shows – on the off chance that you have an extraordinary assortment of watches, design gems, ties and shoes, you can show them well in your stroll in closet as opposed to keeping them covered up in the drawers. You can introduce certain custom showcases which would help you in flawlessly showing all your incredible assortment of embellishments.
  • A Boutique guest plan and dressing table – You can consider introducing a legitimate implicit dressing table which can change over the closet into an appropriate dressing space. The beautiful dressing table would likewise require a snappy ledge, an extraordinary quality mirror and unquestionably an incredible and devoted lighting. There ought to be an appropriate extra room for the cosmetics packs and beautifiers. Additionally, there ought to be a remarkable and agreeable seat or stool coordinating the closet.

Various sorts of closets:

According to the flavour of people, different sorts of room closets can be found in the market.

  • Free standing closet – This is the conventional sort of closet which is profoundly on request. The closets of this sort can be moved starting with one spot then onto the next as indicated by the comfort of us. These can be made of wood, fibre, metal or plastic. Even though the wooden ones are more on request. The downside of unsupported room closets is that they have little space inside regardless of how enormous the genuine closet is.
  • Openable entryway/Hinge entryway closet – The Hinge entryway closets are generally normal and effectively open closets. At a specific given time, the client can open the whole closet or storage room with no block. The entryways can be with or without handles.
  • Sliding entryway closet – This is the advanced interpretation of closets. As the entryways are sliding so less space is required for it as the pivots need not to be pulled for utilizing it. It can without much of a stretch fit anyplace. Sliding entryway room closets can be structured with two, three or four entryways. For this situation too adaptable materials can be utilized to make this furnishing. Check what number of dresses you can store in this closet and you likewise have the office of utilizing bifurcation to the extent the entryway development is concerned.
  • Walk-in closet – This is very uncommon sort of closet which portrays your taste and class. In the event that space isn’t an issue for you, at that point settle on the Walk-in closet. Generally, a little extra room can be adjusted into Walk-in closet.

Whichever wardrobe design you go for, be sure to consider all the above-mentioned options. Be 100% sure that the one you are choosing will fulfil your storage needs, and at the same time complement your room décor. You are not going to replace your wardrobe every couple of years. So, make sure that you choose the one wisely and with due thought, so that you don’t regret it later.


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