Most Yummiest Chocolate Cake Recipe

Black Chocolate Cake on light blue plate with cake knife

Looking to commemorate a special occasion? If yes, then there is no better thing than to bake a luscious and delicious cake for the event because a cake is frequently connected to festivities. Marriage ceremonies, birthdays, graduation celebration, farewell parties etc. are often deemed imperfect without a popular practice of cake cutting.

No matter how many different varieties of foods or drinks are available, a cake holds a noteworthy and momentous place and often in some events like birthdays, there is no substitute for it. Preparing a cake is an entertaining and a basic process which can be carried by any person. One just need to get the ingredients in the right quantity.


Chocolate is nearly the favorite flavor of all so we’ll look into the recipe of a chocolate cake. Heat the stove so that it reach the temperature of 350 degrees. Now for baking a chocolate cake, you’ll need the following things:

1) 1/2 Cup of buttermilk

2) 3 eggs

3) 1 cup of sugar

4) 1 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder

5) 1/4 quarter teaspoon salt

6) 1/2 teaspoon baking powder

7) 1 cup of unsalted butter of room temperature

8) 3/4 cup of flour.

9) For chocolate icing you’ll also require a 200g bar of chocolate and 200ml of double cream.

For good baking, you need to be careful to get the ingredients in exact amount as told.

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To begin with, take a standard pan and since hot oven makes the chocolate stick to the pan, you need to moisture the pan with a cooking spray. Take a hand blender and blend the bowl containing sugar, eggs, buttermilk, butter and some vanilla extract. As explained before that the butter should be at room temperature and sticking to this guideline is crucial otherwise the chances of messing up your cake are high.

Now baking powder, salt, flour and cocoa powder being dry components are blended in a separate dish. To make sure complete mixing, blend the mixture constantly and after that the wet and dry mixtures in both bowls are added together. The beating of the new paste needs to going on to the point of smoothing of the batter. The flour ought to be totally dissolve. After this the mixture is required to be deposited in the pan which we already greased.

Last but not the least, the pan is to be placed in the oven and required to be baked for half hour. You need to check the oven regularly after 5 minutes to make sure that the cake is not burning. Test the cake with a toothpick or similar thing and if and toothpick doesn’t come out with any batter coatings the cake is ready.

Finally, you’ll need to decorate the cake by chocolate coating. Either frost the cake by completely cooling it or you can also apply icing. Icing requires cream and chocolate to be melted over a pan of hot water and placed on the cake’s surface. Your Cake is ready to be eaten and enjoyed by everyone.

At this point you have specialized the skill of baking chocolate cake. Remember you can bake different varieties of cake like vanilla, coffee, Butter cakes etc. by slight variation in the method and ingredients describe above and you are good to go to have a blast of time at the party having your delicious baked cake.

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