Children’s Room: 4 Tips for More Space Before Christmas


Our children look forward to Christmas all year round. The wish list becomes more and more present the closer Christmas gets. But is there still room for new things in the nursery? The chaos in the nursery does not go away with the disposal of the Christmas tree. Here are four magic tricks à la Mary Poppins.

Use the magic of the hour

Children are fascinated by all kinds of gifts. Take advantage of the hour and create a wish list together. Let them tinker, cut, glue and decorate. It should be more than just sticking on the stickers from the catalog. The Child is sure to be happy about a richly decorated list. When the children are done with their work of art, count the new toys on the wish list. For example, if there are five toys on the list, five old things should also move out. Because the children look forward to the new things so much, it is much easier for them to part with the old things.

Gifts for cousins ​​or younger neighborhood children

It feels good to give someone a gift. Your children should also experience this feeling. You can give away toys that you no longer need. A younger child in the neighborhood or a cousin is sure to be very happy about it. Together you pack the toy with beautiful wrapping paper and make a colored bow around it. It is important that the child hand over the gift personally. If you have trouble sorting it out, playing with the stopwatch might help – see also the next point.

Be a role model

You agree with your child that they should sort out four things from their nursery in 10 minutes. Of course, any scraps of paper don’t count. But the great thing about it is that you too can take part. Then you start the timer. You run in front of your closet and pick out four pieces of clothing that you sort out. Meanwhile, your child is looking for four toys. May the faster one win.

Make a suggestion

Ask your child what kind of outing they’d like to do during the Christmas holidays. So that the experience becomes something special, your children should also contribute something to the excursion fund. Then instead of a picnic, there is a meal in the restaurant.

Two birds at once – your child learns how to handle money and you don’t have to prepare a picnic. To fill the cash register, you sell one or more toys online. An auction platform is best, because there is still tension! In order for it to be sold safely, price plays a secondary role. Participation is the only thing that counts. Then plan the perfect trip. So your child does not collect toys but experiences.

And now make yourself comfortable and enjoy the pre-Christmas season with your family. Because Christmas is the best time of the year. Christmas stands for family, joy, and contemplation!

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