Top 5 Cheap Birthday Party Invitation Ideas!


Being a kid, having a birthday party is a big deal. I am not joking when I say this is a do or die situation to have the perfect party ever. The first step towards having a successful birthday that nobody forgets is sending customized and super cute birthday party invitations. Just by putting a little extra effort and creativity, you can make your kid’s party a memorable event.

So talking about invitations, there are so many themes to choose from. Just pick a theme that your kid likes, be it a Halloween theme or a Captain America theme. There are so many ways you can save money and send cheap party invitations according to the birthday theme.

Have a look at these cheap party invitation ideas;


Everybody loves balloons. You can simply get balloons from your local store and add a tag with the string with written details of the birthday party. This is one of the cheapest and cutest way to send invites for your kid’s birthday party. You can pick any color, any design and any size of balloons and simply send them. How cheap and affordable is this!


Now when everything is online and quick, you can design any birthday invitation template and print it at home. Send it with a personalized message with all the party details like venue, timings, etc. One reason why this is one of the best ideas is that you can design anything and customize the invites using unlimited ideas online. This will cost so less as you can print these at home. Definitely a cool idea.


If you are looking for some sweet and edible ideas for sending birthday party invitations, sending a cookie, with a handwritten note is so cute. This cheap birthday party invitation idea is amazing because kids love cookies. You can bake the cookies in your kitchen or order these from a local baker in your area for a cheap price. Everyone will love this idea for sure.


If you are planning a birthday party in summer, then sending pool party themed birthday party invitations is the best idea. Summers mean pool fun so you can simply get pool toys from cheap toy stores or a beach ball and add a cute written note with party details to the invitations. Ask the kids to bring that toy or ball when they join the birthday party. This way, everyone will have their own ball to play with and there will be no toy fights too. It’s a win-win for all moms!


Another cheap way to send birthday invitations is to send a favor along with the invitation card. If you are planning to do a painting activity, send a painting brush along with the card. Or if you are having a Batman-themed birthday party, send a batman badge. This way kids will be curious to know more about the party and it will be so much fun.

The above ideas are practical and easy to follow. Party invitations don’t need to be expensive. You can always pick any ideas for cheap birthday party invitations that suit your party. Hundreds of themes and ways are there to choose from. Just keep in mind that using very little creativity, you can save money and make your party a big hit.

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