Breastfeeding Essentials for Every New Mom


We’ve all heard it- that breastfeeding is a beautiful, natural experience. Women have been doing it for centuries, how hard can it be? While it’s true that it is a beautiful way to bond with your baby, breastfeeding doesn’t come naturally to every mom, and that’s ok! Being patient with yourself as you adjust, as well as having the right supplies on hand, is a must when breastfeeding. Take a look at some of our favorite breastfeeding essentials that every new mom should have!

A Comfortable Nursing Bra

A comfortable bra is a must for every woman, but especially for moms who are breastfeeding. Having a nursing bra that adjusts easily when you find yourself needing to breastfeed, but also provides support throughout the day. Consider what kind of bra you prefer and which breastfeeding bra style would best suit you and snag a few!

A Nursing Pillow

A great way to make sure you and your little one stay comfortable while breastfeeding is to use a nursing pillow. They’re designed to fit comfortably around your body and provide support, making it so that your arms don’t get too tired while feeding your baby. Another great plus? A nursing pillow can double as a tummy time aid when your baby gets old enough, so investing in a nursing pillow is definitely a must.

Nursing Pads

Nursing pads work wonders for absorbing milk that may leak between feedings. As a new mom, the last thing you should need to worry about is getting breastmilk on your clothing. Nursing pads make it easy to keep any excess milk off of your clothes, giving you more time to enjoy some sweet baby cuddles with your little one. Snag yourself a box of disposable nursing pads or stock up on reusable pads!

Nipple Cream

Believe us when we say that nipple cream is one of the biggest lifesavers for a breastfeeding mama. Like we said earlier, breastfeeding is beautiful, but it takes some adjusting. Nipple cream provides relief before, after, and sometimes even during breastfeeding. It can be used when your nipples are cracked, dry, chapped, and even if you experience bleeding. Trust us when we say that you won’t want to go too far without it.

A Cute Nursing Cover

If you’re planning on heading out with your nursing baby, you’ll want to be sure to pack a cute nursing cover in your diaper bag. It’s a great way to give yourself some privacy if you’re having a hard time finding a mother’s room or bathroom where you can feed your little one. Nursing covers are a great option because they wrap completely around your body, providing a level of protection that a baby blanket thrown over your shoulder just can’t compete with.

Plenty of Snacks

You’ll quickly find that, while breastfeeding, you get pretty snacky. Keeping a handful of healthy snacks in your diaper bag and near your bed or rocking chair, as well as some water, is a good idea. Some protein bars, pretzels, nuts, and fresh fruit are always a good way to go!

So as you get ready to embark on your breastfeeding journey, make sure you’re prepared and stocked up on all of the essential tools to help make it a success!

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