Best Ways to Teach Your Child with Maths at Home


Maths is one of the core subjects in every year of basic learning. Children have to start with mathematics as early as reception, but most of the basic learning occurs from year 1 all through year 11.

To lay a strong foundation, it is important for both teachers and parents or guardians to teach maths proactively to children, both in school and at home. Education experts have come up with numerous tips for such options. For now, we will go through the tips for helping your child with maths at home. Here is what you need to know.

Use a Maths Portal with Plenty of Resources

Mathematics resources are all over the internet, and parents can access them easily. Cazoom Maths is one such portal that hosts helpful maths worksheets and other educational materials for children of all years.

The good thing about using worksheets to teach a child mathematics is that they cover all topics such as measurements, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. They also have answers for the questions so that you can check the performance of your child easily.

Engage in Maths-Related Games and Play Activities

Children like games and play activities. It is more fun when their parents or guardians are involved once in a while. To help your child with maths at home, always incorporate games such as counting games and play activities that involve numbers and symbols.

Incredibly, kids will appreciate such games and play and will quickly grasp and remember what they learn. Make sure that the games are repetitive to ensure that your child can create a lasting memory of the concept.

Involve Kids When Handling Money

Handling money helps children to count, add, subtract, and multiply among other maths functions. Therefore, it is good that you involve them when counting money for groceries, shopping, and bills at home. Also, you can give them some money to save and always ask them to give you a report on the progress.

Children are keen on money; hence, this will sharpen their skills with numbers, symbols, and other functions. They will also learn how to identify different coins and notes, which is equally important in mathematics.

Use Nature to Learn Maths

Did you know that a child can practise maths in an amazing way using trees, stones, stars, and other natural features? So, incorporate these interesting features in their learning. You can take a walk together after school and ask them to identify how many of these features they see.

Some of these questions will show up in their examinations at school, and you will be surprised they will always remember. Some of these should be documented so that maths can be easy in future for the child.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many ways in which parents and guardians can teach mathematics to their children at home. These options will help children like maths and improve their performance. It teaches them that mathematics is not all about school books or lessons. With these tips, you will absolutely enable your child to grow their maths skills.

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