The Best 7 Things to Do in Thailand


When going across diverse tourist destinations in South East Asia, a person would come many promising places but Thailand shines out due to its beauty and the variety of places to visit as well as entertainment activities to perform.Traveling from the north to the south of this country, you will surely have a time of your life enjoying the charms offered by this place.

Additionally you will also agree with the point that Thailand is rightly called the ‘Land of Smiles’ when you’ll come across the most pleasant, warm welcoming and smiling people of this gorgeous land.

Following is the list of things you can do to have a fascinating experience of this country:

1) Grand Palace:

Likely the most acclaimed fascination in Thailand is the enchanting and ravishing Grand palace. Most renowned landmark of the Bangkok city, Grand palace was the homeland to the King, his court and administrative government. A delightful design and an innovative masterpiece, this place has a dress code where visitors can be refused to enter if they dress improperly.

2) Meeting with the Elephants:

Visited Thailand and never came to meet the elephants? Strange if you have done that because these big buddies are the national animal of Thailand. Mahawangchang Elephant Camp, Elephant Hills, Elephant Nature Park and places similar to these are the ones where you can spend joyous time to merge with these huge yet friendly creatures.

3) Exploring the Islands:

Thailand has more than 1400 islands making it a spellbinding and beautiful place to visit. It has one of the world most enthralling islands you’ll ever come across the planet like PhangNga Bay and its famous lime rocks, Phuket, Phi Phi Islands and much more to glitter your eyes with amazement.

4) Floating Markets:

Taling Chan Market, Bang Ku Wiang Market, ThaKha, and DamnoenSaduak are some of the unique and colorful floating markets of Thailand where you’ll find unbalance, shaky boats loaded with fruits, vegetables, cooked food etc. All you need is to bargain and make a good deal and you’ll surely come home with great stuff to enjoy.

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5) Sea Diving:

Thailand provides great places for sea diving if you are an adventure seeker and marine life lover. Kohlanta, an exquisite island located in the Andaman Sea is a real delightful place for sea diving and witnessing phenomenal and diverse species of sea animals. HinDaeng and HinMuang are also famous to be stunning dive sites.

6) Shopping:

Numerous markets and shopping malls will surely catch your attention. JJ Mall, Asiatique Night Market, Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, Wualai Walking Street Market etc. are the places to spend money. Siam Paragon is a paradise for shopping as this Mall contains over 250 shops along with Southeast Asia’s largest aquarium.

7) Food:

Of course with traveling and exhausting yours legs to catch site of different Thai places, you’ll need to recharge your energy by food. Chinese food at various China towns spread in the country offers to be a good choice of cheap and delicious food. You can also taste the street food as it is quite common and readily available with great taste and variety.

These are some of the things to do that will make your time really merriment and gleeful. Thailand is indeed a remarkably, gripping place to spend your vacations and it is nearly impossible to get bored in this dazzling and colorful country with its jubilant inhabitants.

Photos Credit: TripAdvisor

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