Best Places To Keep A Fire Extinguisher


Have you ever heard the expression, “it’s better to have it and not need it than it is to need it and not have it”? This expression is the perfect attitude to have when it comes to fire extinguishers.

While many people don’t see the need to have a fire extinguisher in their house, it is safe to say their attitude would change if they realized that on average it takes a fire engine between 5 and 7 minutes to get to the scene of a fire after they have been called. In an emergency situation, 5-7 minutes can be life-changing. If you encounter a fire, fire damage Jackson Wy can help. Below are the top 6 places everyone should keep a fire extinguisher.

1 – The Kitchen

The kitchen is the number one place that a fire extinguisher should be in every home. Cooking equipment is the number one contributor to structure fires and fire-related injuries, accounting for roughly 46% of all fires. While it is important to keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen there are also some other factors that must be considered.

Extinguishers should be within 30 feet of the kitchen so they can be easily and quickly accessed if need be. However, they should not be stored in, or close to the oven or stovetop. The reason is that many fires in the kitchen involve these appliances and a fire extinguisher that can’t be accessed due to heat, flames, or smoke is no good.

2 – Near Sources of Heat

Where there is heat, there is often fire. If you have a fireplace, chimney, heater, smoker, grill, wood burning, or pellet stove you should seriously consider storing a fire extinguisher nearby. While many of these appliances will never malfunction, it is better to be prepared. As with the fire extinguisher in the kitchen, you want to make sure the fire extinguisher is in close proximity to these sources of heat but not right next to them.

3 – On Every Floor of the Home

If your home has multiple levels you should make sure that each separate floor has its own fire extinguisher. Furthermore, you should make sure that the extinguisher is easily accessible or near a common-use area. For example, your living room on the main level is a great storage spot while the landing on your second level is as well. You never know where a fire might pop up from a candle, faulty wiring, bad outlets or appliances, or accessories. You don’t want to have to run to a separate level to prevent a fire from spreading.

4 – Bedrooms

While this may sound silly to some, a bedroom is a great place to store a fire extinguisher. The majority of fires happen at night and if you ever wake up to a fire it will be advantageous to know exactly where a fire extinguisher is and have it ready to use. Also, it is relatively easy to use a fire extinguisher, and having one in each room will allow everyone, even young children, the ability to stop a fire immediately.

5 – The Garage

Oftentimes garages house flammable household chemicals, automotive chemicals, and gasoline for lawn equipment or other vehicles. If you use your garage for working and create sparks while grinding, welding, fabricating, or other work you want to be prepared in case an errant spark causes a fire.

6 – In Your Vehicles

While this isn’t directly in your home it is a great idea to keep a fire extinguisher in your vehicle. If you are ever in an accident or witness one, a fire extinguisher can save not only a vehicle but the lives of people in or nearby. Car fires can be dangerous and accelerate very quickly due to the number of combustible materials in the vehicle.

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