Behaviors That Make You Look Like a Bad Leader


A hallmark of a bad leader is that he doesn’t listen to the constructive opinions of his teammates and acts as if he knows everything. Learn more in this article.

Organizational leadership is generally the most studied topic in various fields. The influence of leadership on the performance of the work team is very important. There are a number of intervening factors here, but behavior that makes you look like a good or bad leader can lead to completely different outcomes.

Is there only one way to become a leader? Of course, this is not true! There is no universal way to demonstrate positive leadership. However, there are some behaviors to avoid.

Let’s take a look at it together.

A good leader is someone who not only leads and guides a team but can also mediate and harmonize management, goal achievement, members, situations, etc. Therefore, he is also a key figure in the organization.

Leaders must be able to articulate the needs and requirements of various aspects of the functioning of the organization.

Let’s look at some behaviors that harm leadership. If you’re in a leadership position, make sure you’re not doing anything you need to fix.

Bad leaders don’t listen

Leaders maintain a receptive attitude, listen to the needs of their team, to be the person to accept the offer of constructive criticism. But a bad leader is someone who only knows his way. That is, they act as if they knew everything.

Therefore, they do not value the efforts of others or accept diverse ideas, which stagnates the growth of the team.

Anyone who leads a good team knows that everyone’s voice is important to them, and that it helps them manage their work better.

People who do not listen to others usually lack communication or have an authoritarian attitude, leading to no communication with members or a closed leader. Without communication, the direction you want to go or your expectations may not be clear.

Authoritarian leadership that leaves no room for dialogue is of no help. Rather, it only complicates the task in front of you.

Reluctant to share information

Refusing to share information with team members for their own convenience is what bad leaders do.

Great leaders know how to figure out the right time to communicate specific information to the team, and are not in their own interests.

Bad leaders don’t appreciate the work of others

Bad leaders do not tolerate mistakes and do not actively comment on or publicize the achievements of others. They also like to point out other people’s mistakes.

A good leader recognizes that anyone can make a mistake and uses it as an opportunity for improvement.

Don’t trust the team

Bad leaders don’t believe in the team’s abilities, so they don’t know how to control the tasks assigned to their members or even know how to divide tasks. Absolute control has nothing to do with supervising the situation to answer questions or help.

In fact, it can be seen as a positive attitude to supervise the situation because the leader should be by the side of the members to help, support the team members, and be a reference point. A leader is someone who must find a balance between giving the team enough space to work autonomously and working together.

Inability to solve problems

Good leaders need to know themselves and how to identify their strengths and weaknesses to work on improving.

They also fully understand the importance of creating a good work environment, so they take great care in managing their emotions and those of their team members. A true leader doesn’t act as if nothing had happened.

Think only about the consequences

Bad leaders are only obsessed with categorizing what has been achieved and what has not been achieved. Looking at the goal, forgetting to work with people and not taking the process seriously. Therefore, looking at the situation through the eyes of a bad leader, everything seems to be lacking.

Mistaking leadership for overconfidence

Bad leaders believe that in order to lead a team, they must be friends with everyone on the team. So, sometimes you feel overly confident, or you don’t know how to keep boundaries and boundaries. A person who uses his position to make jokes or vulgar remarks is not a good leader.

A good leader knows how to be kind and proactive. But that doesn’t mean it’s not working properly. A good leader does not mistake command for authoritarianism or misunderstand empathy for a comfortable attitude that does not follow the good.

How do bad leaders affect the company?

These behavioral patterns can instill a bad perception of leaders and can affect employees individually. Therefore, motivation and work participation may decrease, or the absenteeism rate may increase as the working environment deteriorates.

Leaders who are not well-run, unorganized, or overly authoritarian to give the team a clear direction should not be taken as trivial problems. This should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid any worse consequences.

By practicing active leadership, you can motivate everyone by your side to engage the entire team on a project to achieve your goals.

A leader who does not think of everything as an individual is a good leader

Great leaders know that everything is never done alone. Of course, we understand that you have individual qualities and skills, but don’t overlook the need to rely on your team to achieve your goals.

A good leader does not dim the light of the team. Rather, I want people around me to stand out. A true leader understands that growth is not just a matter of a few people. If the people around you do well, it will come back to benefit everyone.

But above all else, people at the top stand out because they know that leadership is a learning process that builds your own way. We also use all our resources to achieve this.

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