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The countdown for spring is officially on and the promise of warmer weather has everyone itching to step out into the sun. A long winter of hibernating during the pandemic has kept all of us wrapped up on the couch and so you will want to look your best when you shed the blankets and go for an outing. While spring cleaning will prepare our house for the season, we have to prepare ourselves too! Put your best spring self forward by tending to the following routines:

Treat Your Feet:

As the weather gets warmer, footwear gets more open so you will want to treat your winter feet to some TLC. Scheduling a pedicure at your local salon will help soothe dry, cracked feet, and gives you the opportunity to sit back, relax, and get pampered. Unlike dry heels, problems like toenail fungus or athlete’s foot cannot be fixed by your pedicurist and you will need to visit a podiatrist. Your doctor will create a treatment plan for you or could recommend toenail fungus laser treatment to get you sandal ready.

Tend To Dry Skin:

Dry skin in the winter is completely normal but it will eventually need tending to and the time to get glowing skin is now. Bulky layers are not needed in the spring and when it’s warm enough, you can wear short sleeves or shorts, and no one wants to see dry knees or elbows! Get your dry skin under control in two easy steps so you can kiss your winter skin goodbye:

  • Step 1) Use an exfoliating scrub once or twice a week to help moisturize and buff away dry skin. If you need to shave, using a scrub beforehand is also a great way to get smoother results. You can even make scrubs with ingredients you have at home like sugar and olive oil.
  • Step 2) Apply lotion daily.

If you are experiencing dry skin on your face, consider some ultra-hydrating face masks and a moisturizer for dry skin specifically to help get your skin back to its baseline.

Update Your Skin Care:

Using skin care products with sunscreen in them is encouraged throughout the year. Since the sun is starting to come out, it would be wise to incorporate at least a moisturizer and body lotion with SPF in it into your skin care routine. It has been a long time since the last bright, sunny day so you want to make sure your skin is well protected when you go outside.

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Hair Treatments:

Spring is the perfect time to debut big bouncy curls and soft as silk locks, none of which can be achieved with dry winter hair. If you can’t get into the hair salon to get freshened up, try some deep conditioning or hot oil treatments at home to give your hair some moisture, tame split ends, and make your mane shine. If you don’t have any treatments like that on hand at the moment, you can always use olive oil as an all-natural treatment to relieve dandruff and deep condition your hair. Just make sure you wash your hair really well afterwards!


All of the tips above will help get you looking ready for spring and we all deserve to feel our best when we finally get to enjoy the sunshine. Self care will not only improve your exterior but will help relieve stress as you pamper yourself. Schedule in some “me” time to help soothe away dry winter skin and hair and make it fun for you. No one says you can’t play video games or read while your treatments sit!

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