Beauty Tips During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is an exciting, but also stressful time for expectant mothers. Your own body changes and in addition to preparations, work and appointments, there is often little time to take care of your own well-being. Pregnancy is the perfect moment to take care of yourself and pamper yourself: Relaxed and in a good mood, you can enjoy the expectant time even more.

Skincare during pregnancy

When it comes to skincare, pregnant women naturally immediately think of the growing belly. You can see from him the top performance the female body is capable of. Many pregnant women use oils to prevent stretch marks; these not only care for the skin but also create a deep sense of connection with the baby during the massage.

The skin also benefits from (light!) Alternating showers – the metabolism is stimulated and the blood circulation stimulated. Alternating showers are also a popular remedy for heavy legs, which can occur in the last third of the pregnancy.

When it comes to skincare in any condition, we tend to be a little less concerned. But in some cases, it can be dangerous. For times like these, you check los angeles urgent care for a quick response to your problem.

An often neglected area is the cleavage. Even at the beginning of pregnancy, the breasts can swell and become uncomfortable. Here too, alternating showers can help.

Sun protection is now especially important

The confusion of hormones causes blemished skin in many pregnant women. However, it is best to avoid chemical peelings with AHA or BHA against impurities during pregnancy. The skin often calms down on its own after just a few weeks. Products with vitamin A acids also called retinol are also taboo.

These are found in many anti-aging products, and dermatologists can also prescribe them. So if you are pregnant you should pay close attention to the ingredients in your creams. The hormone MSH causes an increased amount of melanin in the skin from the first week of pregnancy. The result is increased pigmentation, darker nipples, and more birthmarks. That is why sun protection is part of the daily beauty program for pregnant women.

Haircare and hair removal for pregnant women

As on the skin, the sebum glands of the hair can go a little crazy, especially at the beginning of pregnancy. If you don’t want to wash your hair every day, you can use dry shampoo. Otherwise, the following applies: The milder the care, the sooner the skin and hair will regulate themselves again.

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Regardless of the week of pregnancy: Many pregnant women do not want to do without regular depilation of legs or armpit hair. Even if you are pregnant, there is nothing against shaving, epilation, or waxing – but pregnant women should avoid using aggressive depilatory creams.

Wellness during pregnancy

An extensive visit to the spa or beauty salon or even a massage is a small luxury for many women – including those who are pregnant – that you indulge in. But be careful if you plan to visit the sauna for a longer period of time: The damp heat quickly affects the circulation, and this is rather unstable, especially up to the 12th week of pregnancy. You should also avoid permanent make-up, laser treatments, teeth whitening or tattoos/piercings. Otherwise, it is said: the more relaxed, the better mother and child feel.

Diet in Pregnancy

Beauty comes from within – this also applies to nutrition during pregnancy. Lots of water, vegetables, and high-quality protein make the skin glow and provide mother and child with all the nutrients they need. Stay away from food supplements or pills – only a doctor will recommend any necessary dietary supplements during pregnancy.

In general, pregnant women should only consume fully cooked foods. You have to do without raw or semi-raw fish, meat, or seafood. Caution is also required with dairy products: raw milk products and cheese made from unpasteurized milk are prohibited.

Exercise during pregnancy

Adequate exercise is of course also important during pregnancy. It is important that you feel comfortable doing it. Try to find sports that have little to do with strength and that rely more on flowing and even movements.

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