Why Bean Bags are Ideal for Children


Whether you are looking to redecorate your child’s bedroom, make their playroom more practical, or simply invest in comfy seating, a bean bag chair provides so many amazing benefits for kids.

Filled with either dried beans or polystyrene and covered in a soft and supple fabric, you can find bean bag furniture for kids in a wide range of different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Still not convinced?

Keep reading to discover why bean bags are ideal for children. From how they can improve their learning and development, to aiding sleep, to being super easy to clean, by the time you have finished the below blog, you’ll definitely be a bean bag believer.

1) Bean bags promote good posture

Whether you have a young toddler still learning to use their body or an older child who spends too much of their time in front of a screen, a bean bag chair has the unique ability to mold to the natural shape of the body, providing both support and comfort.

Unlike traditional furniture, which is most often made of wood, bean bags are filled with thousands of little springy beads that ensure your child’s growing body is protected against poor posture and backache.

Furthermore, if you have a baby who suffers from acid reflux or flat head, a bean bag can help to keep them upright.

2) Bean bags are easy to clean

Every parent knows that when buying a new product for your child, you need one that is going to be resistant to stains and spills. Fortunately, bean bags are easy to clean, with most being made with wipe-clean surfaces. You can even find bean bag chairs that have removable covers that you can simply pop in the washing machine when they become too dirty.

Fombag bean bags are covered in durable and washable MicroSuede. Plus, they include a liner, meaning you can easily remove the cover for washing.

3) Bean bags are versatile

Buying furniture specifically for children can be expensive, especially seeing as they grow out of chairs, beds, and desks so quickly. However, the beauty of bean bag furniture is that it is so versatile. One bean bag chair can be used as a place to nap, somewhere to relax and read a book, somewhere to do homework (more about that below), and as a spot for a cuddle with mom or dad.

Furthermore, bean bags are portable, meaning you can take them on vacation, for a day out, or round to their grandparents’ house for a sleepover.

4) Beans bags are stylish

An important consideration if you are going to invest in a bean bag chair or lounger, you want to make sure they will look good in your home. Fortunately, as briefly mentioned above, bean bags come in a selection of different styles and colors, meaning you will be able to find the perfect one to match the décor of your child’s bedroom or other areas of your home.

Plus, you can even find super-sized ones that the whole family can enjoy together!

5) Bean bags are help support learning

If you struggle to get your child to sit still and focus on their homework in the evening, then a bean bag chair could be the ideal solution for you. Traditional desk chairs can be uncomfortable to sit on for long periods of time, resulting in your child becoming restless and unfocused.

However, when sitting in a bean bag chair, your child will feel more relaxed, which in turn leads to an enhanced learning experience. Furthermore, it can help to promote a safe working environment which is crucial in reducing anxiety which can often be brought on when learning new things.

6) Bean bags provide a sensory experience

If you have a young child or toddler, you will know that they learn everything about the world through their senses. Bean bags offer a great experience for the sense of touch as they provide lots of different textures.

Plus, they are ideal for developing their gross motor skills as they can jump, run, and climb onto bean bags without risking injuring themselves.

As a parent, you can also talk to your child about what bean bags are made of, why they change shape, and how they feel against their skin.

7) Bean bags promote reading

Creating a reading corner in your child’s bedroom or playroom is a great way to encourage a love of reading from a young age. With the addition of a super comfy bean bag, your child can become even more immersed in the reading experience, as well as other stationary activities that require concentration and focus.

Your child’s school may even already be using bean bag furniture to help promote reading, so why not ask them about the benefits they’ve experienced?

8) Bean bags are cost-effective

Bean bags are one of the most affordable furniture options on the market, allowing you to purchase one whatever your budget. Furthermore, they have the natural ability to be able to complement other furniture within your home, so you don’t need to worry about redecorating or redesigning your child’s bedroom or playroom when you invest in one.

Plus, if you purchase a larger size, a bean bag chair or lounger has the ability to last your child throughout their entire childhood. You can’t get more cost-efficient than that!

9) Bean bags are suitable for babies

If you are worried that bean bags are not safe for babies and very young children, then you will be pleased to hear that this is not the case. Due to changes in the manufacturing process, bean bags are now made with breathable materials that circulate air constantly. This means that it is highly unlikely that a baby will suffocate when left on a bean bag.

You can also find bean bags that are specifically designed for babies, that are 100% safe and recommended by thousands of parents across the United States.


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