Avoid these Mistakes at Must! If You Want to Raise Your Child Right


It is important for children to learn to recognize the value of things. You also need to teach your children to do what they are supposed to do. Believe it or not, overprotection is really harmful to children.

5 parenting mistakes we make with our children

In this article, we will look at some of the parenting mistakes we make with our children.

We all want to be perfect moms and dads, but having a baby comes with a lot of responsibilities. It’s normal to read tons of books and articles about parenting and try to be a super mom, or become obsessed with letting your kids experience a variety of activities that will make them smart and successful.

But remember, children never asked us to be the best mothers in the world. All children need is for us to just be with them, make them happy, and help them make their own decisions and choose their own path.

Instead of overprotecting children, we should respect them and discipline them sincerely.

The parenting mistakes we make with our children should also be taken into account and should not be overlooked. So, let’s find out what parenting mistakes are.

5 parenting mistakes we make with our children

1) When You Don’t listen to your child

All-day long, children ask questions, talk, and make imaginative remarks they don’t even know what they’re talking about. Be patient and pay close attention to what they have to say.

If we don’t listen to them, make excuses that we’re busy, or say we don’t have time to listen, one day they won’t tell us what they think. Unfortunately, you may end up sitting alone in your room all day, working on your computer.

2) Punishing All Mistakes

Children need standards for what is right and what is wrong and how to behave. But in order to grow and mature, mistakes are inevitable, and we are bound to make the mistake of sometimes behaving badly or reacting inappropriately.

But instead of punishing them, they should be able to learn a lesson. In other words, if they do something wrong, you have to teach them right. Ask what happens if you fail a class. If you hit a friend at school, explain why it’s wrong and ask why you did it.

Teaching is not only a punishment but also a bridge to a lesson. Therefore, you need to teach your child to do better at the things he is already good at, and to learn lessons from mistakes he makes.

3) Not helping children in their difficult tasks

Children spend a long time tying shoelaces or solving math problems. So, give your children plenty of time. Don’t worry if other siblings or friends finish it sooner. It is important to understand that every child is different and unique and to respect their individuality.

Doing work for children is the worst parenting mistake. Also, overprotection is a shortcut to raising an immature and unstable child. So, give your children time and autonomy every day so they can work hard and learn more. Children feel more proud when they do it on their own.

4) Expect to live up to YOUR wishes

Is your son an introvert? Do you like things your parents can’t understand? Or is it too independent? Respect the child’s individuality and support everything he does.

Every child has their own personality, and we need to understand this from the beginning. The fact that children have their own ideas is a good thing, and it helps them to live happily in the world.

So, let’s do our best to help the child grow into a mature person with his or her own personality and way of life, and to find his own path.

5) Compare with other children

Comparing yourself to other children is one of the parenting mistakes you should never make. There are mothers and fathers who say things like the following in front of their children without thinking.

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“My son is not as smart as yours. What will he be when he grows up?”, “My eldest son is shyer than the younger, so he doesn’t have any friends. The younger son gets along well with people and doesn’t cause any problems at all.”

We should always pay attention to what we say because children understand a lot more than we think and can be very damaging in the long run. Comparisons with other children can lead to feelings of inferiority, lower self-esteem, and harm emotional maturity.

Never compare! Our children are all unique and special beings with their own personalities. Let’s love children equally and develop maturity, responsibility, and self-esteem so that they can grow into happy people.

How you raise your children is very important. Be careful not to make the mistakes mentioned in this article.


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