Mayonnaise: An Effective Lice Killer for your Child


Well nourished and fresh hair makes your personality look charming and impressive manifold. Your scalp needs your due attention to remain healthy to keep your hair fit and smart. If you ignore your scalp or hair, you may get into hair related problems. The worst of these problems is the lice infestation that causes severe itching and scalp roughness and scratches. These effects may further proceed to your ears and the back of your neck and sometimes even to your shoulders.

How can your child get lice?

Lice can infest one’s hair very fast as they lay many eggs daily. These eggs are called nits. Within a few days the whole head is fully infested with lice. These lice can spread contagiously to other children or adults when they come close to one another during play time or study hours or any other social activity. The other mode of transformation is through the use of combs, hair brushes, towels, jewelry items, headbands, headphones, hats, scarves, etc. already used by the persons with active lice infestation. You must keep it in mind that the length, nature and condition of hair have nothing to do with lice infestation.

The same may happen to your child and, being a loving and caring mom, it is your moral duty to treat the lice infestation in your child’s head the best way you can. There have been a number of home remedies being used by mothers over the centuries now. These include various types of herbs, oils, chemical substances, etc. Mayonnaise has also been found quite effective in this regard.

How does mayonnaise work?

Mayonnaise is a blend of egg yolks, vinegar and vegetable oils. Though it is a very tasty and useful part of many food recipes, it has also been found very effective against lice. People wonder and ask,” Does mayonnaise kill lice?” Yes, it does. The theory behind the working of mayonnaise as a lice killer is that it suffocates the monster parasites and kills them within a few hours. You just have to apply a fair amount of mayonnaise to the scalp and hair of your child. Then massage it into the hair and cover it with a shower cap before she goes to sleep. In the morning, wash it with a fine shampoo and comb all the dead lice out, leaving behind fresh hair. Repeat the whole process for 7 to 10 days to get the best result. Mixing coconut oil or tea tree oil with mayonnaise also enhances the efficacy of this remedy.

Some fast facts about the working of mayonnaise

Mayonnaise has been found especially befitting for those having not been benefitted from various chemical treatments and other toxic substances. It has no side or toxic effects and does not cost you as heavily as the other harsh chemicals, either. Moreover, mayonnaise shows its best effects when you apply it for 12 or more hours. Those getting no success with medications are advised to apply mayonnaise liberally and get rid of lice overnight. However, the ideal results can be achieved if you keep repeating the application for at least a week.

In short, you can say that mayonnaise is an effective and cheap home remedy for killing the lice your child has got infested with from her school.

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