A Mom’s Guide To Managing Stress And Anxiety


When you’re a mother, people expect so much from you. The kids have to be neat; they should do well in school, have extracurricular activities, the house should be spic and span, there should always be food on the table, and it better be home-cooked; otherwise, you can hear something from your mother-in-law.

All the expectations, spoken and otherwise, all ring through your head and cause you stress and anxiety. And amidst driving the kids back and forth through school and soccer, and meeting so many people along the way, you feel lonely and lost. You think that nothing you ever do is good.

Despite the exhaustion of everyday demands, a mom feeling inadequate is pretty common anywhere in the world. And if not addressed, this can be detrimental. As a mother, you must be whole to share parts of yourself with your family and community. And you can do this by following some tips listed here.

1) Seek Counselling

Talking to a professional can help you better understand your emotions and deal with them effectively. If there’s an underlying reason for your stress and anxiety, your therapist can figure them out and recommend activities for you, so you don’t reach for a bottle of wine or pills that could bring you down to a dark hole.

Many people see therapy as something that should be avoided because of the stigma surrounding the subject. But therapists have successfully helped many people cope with their challenges, and a mother like you is no different. You don’t have to prove you’re invincible to anyone. If you want to learn more about counseling and therapy, check out this next page or consult other resources online.

2) Have Adequate Sleep

A night of good quality sleep can be challenging for a mom with a newborn child, but once you’re past that stage, as you schedule efficiently, you can distribute tasks accordingly within your day so you can be in bed by ten pm. You should be having a shut-eye exactly at that time and not engaging on your social media.

At least seven hours of sleep is needed to recharge your body so you can feel rested and wake up feeling invigorated. When you achieve this, your mood will improve, your immune system will get better so you can avoid getting sick quickly, you’ll feel more focused and alert, and you’ll maintain a good weight.

3) Diffuse Essential Oils

Essential oils will not just make your home smell heavenly, but they will also be great in improving your mood and general wellness. Each oil has a specific benefit and knowing what to use for whatever you’re feeling is crucial in helping you manage your stress.

Since they’re made from plants, you can be sure that they’re natural and will not cause you harm. Some essential oils can boost mood, reduce stress, increase attentiveness, improve sleep, reduce pain, relieve headaches and foster a sense of calm in your space.

Many moms’ go-to essential oil is lavender. It can help reduce stress and pain and improve sleep. It also smells nice. Diffusing it will make you travel down lavender fields, and you can imagine yourself frolicking along pretty gentle bushes of vibrant lavenders under the sun’s warmth.

4) Talk To A Friend

Today, having thousands of friends on social media can make one feel validated and, at the same time, incredibly lonely. Those numbers are just digits imposed by this digital society. And if you can’t even talk to even just one of those so-called friends, what good would it be?

It would be best if you had somebody you could talk to at any time. A friend from childhood, your high school BFF, or even your sister. Talking to someone can help ease the weight you feel on your chest, and if that person is also a mother, you’ll find common ground and share best practices to weather the storm together.

5) Get A Massage

Having somebody manipulate your body to melt all the stress, loosen tight muscles, and unfasten knots can significantly help reduce stress and anxiety. When you allow yourself to immerse in this kind of relaxation, you can expect sore muscles to disappear, blood circulation will improve, your heart rate will get better, and you can sleep better and longer.

6) Get A Dog Or A Cat

Having a pet can do a whole lot of good for your health. These tiny, fluffy balls of energy will give you a surge of dopamine, the happy hormones, and sometimes just looking at their eyes can help release oxytocin, the love hormones. Pets, whether a dog or a cat, can provide unconditional love and loyalty and even give you endless cuddles that will put a smile on your face every day.


A mother is expected to perform so many things at once, but remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect all the time. Sometimes, a mother’s inner saboteur is the one causing stress and anxiety, and if talking to an expert can help you figure this out, it would allow you to give your family the greatest possible version of yourself.

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I am Jessica Moretti, mother of 1 boy and 2 beautiful twin angels, and live in on Burnaby Mountain in British Columbia. I started this blog to discuss issues on parenting, motherhood and to explore my own experiences as a parent. I hope to help you and inspire you through simple ideas for happier family life!


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