8 Different Approaches of Minimalist Interior design


Minimalism is never boring. Simple and elegant, functional and tidy. Let’s create a minimalistic interior with the method introduced in this article.

Don’t know where to put the overflowing items in your house? This makes the house messier. A room or space becomes cluttered and messed up. On the other hand, minimalistic interiors create order in the house. Minimalism is characterized by minimal decoration.

All décor is purposeful, creating a harmonious and organized space. Focus on the basics and get rid of unnecessary decorations and furniture. The minimalistic style can be said to emphasize the space itself and architectural elements above all else.

8 Minimalistic Interiors

1) Organize your belongings

You should leave only what you need. You have to go through things one by one and organize them. You have to decide whether to give or store the large items. If you decide to keep it, ask yourself why you want to keep it. In the style of minimalism, everything has its own function.

Minimalism doesn’t allow anything fancy or extravagant. It’s a style where less is better.

2) Buy one new one and throw the other away

The minimalistic style emphasizes natural light and focuses on making the space appear larger.

By not stacking unnecessary things, you can keep your minimalistic style going. There are rules to follow to avoid stacking unnecessary items. Every time you buy a new one, you throw away an old one.

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Therefore, when buying or receiving a new item, the first thing to do is to decide whether the item is suitable for a minimalistic interior. If it doesn’t fit, it’s best not to leave it at home.

3) Do not place anything on the table

Another way to keep your home neat and simple is to keep all surfaces clean and empty.

Many people decorate the table top with ornaments, flowers, and candles. However, if you want to stick to a minimalist interior, it is better to leave all the tabletops empty. To make it simple and functional.

4) Decorate in a minimalistic style with simple geometric shapes

When choosing furniture or decorative items, it is better to choose simple shapes and straight lines. Avoid furniture with many corners or fancy furniture.

5) Keep your walls minimal

It is best to keep the walls simple and undecorated with small objects.

Minimalism doesn’t have to be applied only to furniture. Minimalism extends to the walls.

Do not hang too many paintings or photos on the wall. In particular, it is best not to hang anything else on top of the furniture. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t decorate the walls. However, it means that it should be decorated simply and in balance with other decorations.

Consider also decorating your walls with mirrors. Mirrors are not only simple and elegant but also make the room appear larger.

6) Make use of lighting

Lighting is one of the most important elements of decoration. Minimalism emphasizes light spaces more than shadows and dark spaces.

Therefore, you should not use curtains that are too dark in color. This is especially true for opaque materials. Blinds are better than curtains because blinds allow light to pass through rather than completely block them out.

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It is also important to study the characteristics of the room before choosing artificial lighting for the room. Avoid placing unnecessary artificial lighting in the room.

If you look closely at the room, you can tell exactly where the lighting is needed. And be careful not to install too many lights.

7) Choose furniture that matches the minimalism

Minimalism favors unadorned furniture, but that doesn’t mean you should opt for dull furniture designs. It is good to have furniture that is simple and elegant at the same time.

Minimalism also affects the function of the furniture. Therefore, it is better to choose furniture that has multiple functions. This way you don’t have to put multiple pieces of furniture.

Even with a minimalist aesthetic, you can still add accents to your space with certain furniture that captures the eyes. Some furniture you could use are tables and occasional or accent chairs. Choose a simple yet modern design that matches the style of the space but speaks of your personality.

You should also consider the space for the furniture. Instead of high furniture that takes up a lot of space, it is better to choose low-height, spacious furniture.

8) Choose a color with a point color in the basic black and white

In a space where there is only one color, choose a color that is dark and stands out.

Minimalism is often done in black and white. This is because white makes a space appear larger, and black contrasts with white to create a simple and elegant space.

Nevertheless, the space needs a bit of a different color. Because you can’t do it all in black and white.

When adding color to a space, it is better to use objects rather than furniture. The walls and furnishings are mostly black and white, and you can add personality to the space by adding green leaf printed pillowcases or multicolored pillowcases.

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