51 Game Ideas for Children


“I’m bored!” “What should I do?”  Often all it takes is a little nudge, but even as a parent, you often can’t think of something suitable (or the child thinks it is unsuitable …) go, take a look through our game ideas – there is something for everyone!

Tons of Games You can play with your kids

Do you also have a good idea? We are happy to add to them.

  • Make a puzzle together
  • Outside, paint a game of “Heaven and Hell” with chalk
  • Put music in and dance! A mini disco-like on vacation or rehearse a dance theme party.
  • Bakes biscuits and gives them away
  • Make cards and send greetings
  • Play a game of bowling: fill empty PET bottles with water and off you go!
  • Make a necklace with pasta (macaroni)
  • Have a picnic inside with a blanket and all that goes with it
  • Paint flower pots and plant cress, flowers or herbs
  • Create great pictures with shaving cream and food coloring
  • Acts out a favorite children’s story as a theater
  • Build a hut with sheets, blankets, and pillows
  • Dress up and host a photoshoot
  • Make a cool movie (use video effects)
  • Make clay yourself and shape animals
  • Play a game of frisbee, badminton, or table tennis
  • Bakes a cake or muffins and decorates them colorfully
  • Go on an indoor treasure hunt with a map
  • Blow up balloons and make fun games

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  • Set up an obstacle course with chairs, boxes, and pillows and stop the time
  • Paint a great window picture with finger paint
  • Organizes a circus performance with tricks, popcorn, and homemade tickets
  • Try to put on make-up as animals or transform yourself into a superhero
  • Who can circle the hula hoop the longest?
  • And who can jump rope the longest?
  • Moves the nursery
  • Calls someone from family or friends (possibly video transmission)
  • Plays “Guess Melodies”
  • Make up a fantasy story
  • Reminisce and look at photos together
  • Study and perform magic tricks
  • Sings playback to the kids’ favorite songs

  • Design your own book (fold white A4 pages and design and write freely)
  • Mixes fine smoothies and opens an indoor bar
  • Practices somersaults, handstands, and the bike on a mattress
  • Take an evening walk with a flashlight
  • “Open” a restaurant, tinker with the menu, and surprise dad or mommy in the evening
  • Redecorate your home
  • Make a garland (cut strips of paper, fix both ends and glue them together to form a ring. Den
  • Pull the next ring through the first ring beforehand, etc.).
  • Make soap bubbles yourself
  • Try a magic sand (Ingredients: mix sand or flour in a ratio of 8: 1 with baby oil or cooking oil and mash it up …)
  • Who laughs first Look at each other and make faces – whoever laughs first has lost!
  • Why not beat a pot or pour chocolate like a birthday party?
  • Make the salt dough, shape beautiful bowls, bake and then paint
  • Train your sense of touch: hide some everyday objects in a dark bag: who can guess what it is?
  • Sense of taste: who can guess what’s on the spoon?
  • Create your own memory and always paint 2 identical subjects on Cards!
  • ” Who am I? »Draw an animal on a Post-it and stick it on a child. It has to guess with clever questions which animal it is (can I swim, do I have 4 legs, etc.)
  • Children’s room tidying up by color: The color cube shows the color of the item that is to be tidied up next … a helpful game for tidying up the children’s room!
  • Bullfight: Mommy or Daddy kneels on the bed on all fours, the child climbs on their back and holds on as tightly as possible. The aim is for the “bull” to throw the rider down!
  • Time for wellness & beauty: Make your own SPA: with a mask, hairstyle, manicure, and pedicure!
  • “Sledging” on a carpet or blanket: the child can sit on it and mum/dad pulls …
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I am Jessica Moretti, mother of 1 boy and 2 beautiful twin angels, and live in on Burnaby Mountain in British Columbia. I started this blog to discuss issues on parenting, motherhood and to explore my own experiences as a parent. I hope to help you and inspire you through simple ideas for happier family life!


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