Simple and Creative Tips to Decorate Your Garden


If you have a garden in your house and you have no idea how to decorate it don’t worry at all. In this article we will show you some awesome cheap garden decor ideas that will surely solve your problems.

It is always fun to create new garden decor items that too with recycled objects. It not only saves you some bucks but also gives a personal touch to your garden.

Here are some ways you can decor your garden:

1) Using Old Tires:

This is a choice for improving greenery enclosures with reused things, since old tires can be utilized for some things, simply let your creative ability run wild. You can utilize tires as swings for kids, or  you can go further and reuse them to make window boxes secured with decent textures.

In the event that you need to give a better time and sprightly touch to your garden, you can paint the tires with various hues or draw moons, blossoms and so forth on them.By using spray paints, an old tire can be converted into something that will surely enhance the beauty of your garden.

2) Making Use of Tree Stumps:


In case you’re cutting down a tree; leave a couple of feet of the stump set up and transform into a furniture for sitting purpose. This is pretty eye catching and will make your neighbors jealous.

3) Flower Vases and Pots:

Flowers vases and pots can be very costly these days, yet don’t lose hope – you would now be able to get some stunning outside vintage bloom basins that every one of your visitors and neighbors will envy. All you require is some buckets and some crisp paint to color code them. Then plant your favorite flowers and place them right at the entrance. They will add color and joy to your home before you even know it!

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4) Using Plastic Bottles:


Grab the plastic water bottles from recycle bin, and make these simple garden flowers!Plastic bottle creates are an incredible method to reuse those universal water bottles. With a couple of simple advances, you can make these vivid garden flower enrichments. These bottles will make your garden look very elegant.

5) Old Wooden Boxes:

Have your favorite plants at your fingertips with these jazzed-up box plants. These wooden boxes are an efficient way to show visitors that you take pride in your home and you’re not afraid to show it. This garden create includes the utilization of lead, so make sure to wear gloves and wash your hands completely at whatever point you handle it.

6) Turn a Bike into a Planter:

An old bike can become a beautiful planter by filling the front and back baskets with blooms. It is very easy to make yet it enhances the beauty of your backyard significantly.

7) Old Boots:

The boots which usually have bright colors and fun designs never go out of style. Another thought for how to enliven gardens with reused things is to reuse old willies and make them into planters.


  1. I absolutely love the picture with the tires cut and painted to add so many colors to the garden! I think it is so cool how gardens can really appeal to almost all the senses; that garden not only looks great but I’m sure it smells nice too. I feel like adding something like windchimes would just be the cherry on top for making a garden that really stands out.

  2. I loved your suggestion about using tree stumps as part of your garden decoration. My husband and I moved to our new house, and we are looking for advice about how to take care of the garden. Since there is a couple of tree stumps there, I will look for a contractor to help us make something with them.


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